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Nintendo DSi Camera Ero-Functionality


It certainly didn’t take long for DS enthusiasts to uncover the presumably unintended erotic potential of the new DSi and its image manipulation powers.

Player 1


I’m sure there will be more to come, if only because it has a camera now…

The image, of Vocaloid Meiko, is by eroge CG master Ino, and you can view the video it appears in here.

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  • Ah Japan. Just got mine today actually.

    I’m really digging the design personally. Buttons and pad feel much more solid and the fact it’s no longer a fingerprint magnet is nice. Music files apparently need to be AAC format to play. The voice recorder is kinda neat but it only saves 10 secs of audio at a time. Played both Japanese and American games on it and they looked nice with the bigger screen(I was using 4 out of 5 on the brightness). Audio does sound slightly crisper too. Photo editor is fun to tinker with but I’m really only interested in how they will implement it into future games. I haven’t tested any of the online features yet.

    Oh and FYI, the shutter is fucking loud and can’t be turned off lol.

  • Lord Byegone says:

    Que ocio xD , solo falta que alguien encuentre la forma de que las chicas abran las piernas xD .
    Es una lastima que las políticas de Nintendo sean tan conservadoras. Recuerdo el caso del juego de Mortal Kombat, al final Nintendo tuvo que permitir la presencia de sangre en Mortal Kombat II para no perder seguidores. ¿Cuándo se darán cuenta de que los videojuegos no solo los juegan niños, sino también adultos?.
    Con todas las posibilidades deL Nintendo Ds para juegos Ero . Esta demostración de ocio es un espejismo de las posibilidades.
    Quizás cuando Nintendo aprenda la lección saquen en un futuro juegos como: “Mario in Sexland” xD , clasificación XXX

  • jediboricua says:

    From the demo i saw of the dsi camera, it looks like he took a photo and is using one of the editing tools to play with the boobs (it looks like he hit an undo button after each edit). i hope someone can hack this dsi so you can use your own photos from an sd card.

    • Yep, that’s pretty much it. The text reads:

      You can play with the photo you’ve taken.
      Please press “Start”.


      (Use) the slider and the picture will distort.


      Restore the distortion. (This is the button he presses to undo the effect and make the oppai “bounce”)