Ino’s Izayoi no Hanayome


Master visual novel illustrator Ino‘s classic eroge Izayoi no Hanayome has recently had some of its fine art surface, and these spectacular images of Iyori Kiryuu are particularly captivating…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 1, 2009 17:40

    you just shit into your pants right... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 30, 2009 18:18

    the art is amazing.. but she (aside from the boobs) is really thin.. needs more legs/butt.... More

Ino’s Meiko


You may recall the earlier post on the making of this image of vocaloid Meiko, by master oppai illustrator Ino, but sadly at that time no high quality version of the image itself was to be found.

Now that one has surfaced, visible above, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to revisit the post, or rather, rewatch it below:

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  • Anonymous commented on August 16, 2010 11:26

    hot hot hot... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 1, 2009 20:08

    Sweet!... More

Nintendo DSi Camera Ero-Functionality


It certainly didn’t take long for DS enthusiasts to uncover the presumably unintended erotic potential of the new DSi and its image manipulation powers.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 30, 2009 19:42

    boing~~... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 6, 2009 07:28

    I remember reading about this in the papers a few years ago. All (two) cell phones I've owned since then have made no resistance to turning off the shutter sound.... More

Ino Draws Meiko


Supreme CG artist Ino, whose works we are hopefully all familiar with by now, has once again provided a fascinating video of himself creating an illustration from scratch, in this case of Vocaloid Meiko, one of the prototype virtual idols eventually culminating in Hatsune Miku.

That is to say, a well endowed lady in some revealing clothing.

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  • oppailover428 commented on October 28, 2010 15:48

    My god...I can barely draw a human figure in PS. This guy is amazing!... More

  • Simca commented on September 30, 2009 02:40

    *hands over Simca's seal of approval* LOL... More

Illustrator Legends


One of the more interesting genres of video on Nico are the various videos of CG artists at work, and there are indeed quite a few of these. Here you can see some of the best, surely of great interest to CG art fans and artists alike.

The subjects for these illustrations are Hatsune Miku, Nagato Yuki and a headphone musume, so likely nobody will be disappointed (although unfortunately no ero-CG videos are possible on Nico).

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  • Anonymous commented on September 13, 2017 01:20

    designação do prezado criação: COMPOSTO ROYAL JELLY APIMIX. More

  • Anonymous commented on November 12, 2010 12:14

    Delicious Miku is delicious.... More



It seems the CG artists directing the art of eroge often fail to receive the credit they might be due in more visible artistic roles; one such case is that of Ino (also known as 猪野誠 / Ino Makoto), an artist of colossal skill, who still seems not to have accrued the celebrity aura attaching to the likes of Tony, despite equalling or even surpassing him.

Here I present a comprehensive introduction to his works, and also a fascinating making of video showing him in the act of creating one.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 3, 2015 02:31

    I can't view Niko videos anywhere on the main website :\ Trollvids works fine, the ones hosted on the SKC server work fine, but the player refuses to exist when handed a Niko video. The... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 14, 2009 14:29

    Wow i've always been wondering where a certain hentaitoonami pic came from... thanks a lot... More


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