Macross F Movie Announced


No sooner has the マクロスF / Macross F (or マクロスフロンティア / Macross Frontier) TV anime finished broadcasting than a movie is announced, and in a curious fashion at that.

In place of the next episode preview, a trailer for a different anime was aired, but in the brief interval between that and the main title, this momentarily appeared:


“Macross F Theatrical Version Underway”

More information may be announced at the Macross F Galaxy Final Tour in November. Releasing such fragmentary information is certainly a shrewd marketing tactic.

Since there is basically no other information of any reliable provenance whatsoever, allow me to regurgitate the wild speculations that have already surfaced, as a meagre substitute for any official information: there is much surprise at the announcement, and some doubts as to what form the title can take, given the ending of the series; some are concerned that it may take a summary compilation format rather than being a fully original title.

Without any information to the contrary however, we might just as well think it to be “final” conclusion, a gaiden extra, or a prequel or otherwise.

Via sharp eyed Gigazine.

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  • From what has been learned through various interviews and such it is very likely the movie will be a condensed theatrical re-telling of the series ala “Do You Remember Love” or “Evangelion”.

    There has not been any indication that any new content will be added.

    However, it is likely that the production values will be going up substantially, which is not a bad thing…