Milk Filled Breasts For Sale


“I’ll sell you a day’s worth of my milk for 300 Yuan ($45); I’ve got enough to suckle two or more. I’ll even give the customer priority”. Such is the sales pitch made by a lady (32) determined to sell her excess secretions, finding herself with more than enough for her infant.

Sales look set to be brisk given the various contamination scandals which have afflicted the Chinese milk market, to say nothing of the food market as a whole: she apparently has already had thirty enquiries in response to her online advertising.

Her actions have sparked controversy; some say she is out of her mind, but others approve, saying “In this day and age, any sort of business is permissible”. Predictably, others say she is overcharging. She says she pays such criticisms no heed.

It is not clear whether the offer is restricted to infants, or if adults in need of pure milk are also eligible. It seems suckling adults might be a little much for her husband, though he is said to support her venture.

Via ZakZak.

There are already milk banks in many countries (and there have been wet nurses for millennia), though they are not generally so cheerfully commercial, and certainly not so cheap. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that Chinese milk, animal or human, is likely to maintain a consistent level of quality, so exports seem out of the question…




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