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Nendoroid Witches


An anonymous 2channer shares with us the incredible fruits of his labours, in the form of all the Strike Witches rendered not just into figures, but Nendoroids. The Pantsu Witches have never looked so puchi…


They appear to be based on the Puchi Nendoroid trading figures rather than the Nendoroids proper.

The usual disclaimer that these are “Nendoroid-like”, but not actual Nendoroids, applies in the same way that the things they are wearing are “pantsu-like”, but not actual pantsu. Let us call them not-Nendoroids and leave it at that.

I am distinctly reminded on the similarly superb job done on Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu and Marisa by another talented creator – refer to that if you want an idea of how these are made, for the video is informative.

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