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79-Year-Old Lady in Shibuya Stabbing Frenzy


An elderly lady (79) was arrested after randomly stabbing two female passersby, at Shibuya station in the heart of Tokyo, we hear.

The crazed women’s admission and justification is unusual to say the least: “I was hanging around after getting out of the institution this week. My money had almost gone, so I thought if I caused a scene police would do something for me.”

Police have indeed been kind enough to shelter her, so she was not far from the mark, and the attempted murder charges will likely ensure she remains looked after for some time to come. She had some $65 in her possession when arrested.

Her victims escaped with moderate injuries, with one being hospitalised; the old lady’s weapon was of a respectable enough size, a fruit knife with a 10cm blade, so they can be considered fortunate their attacker was unskilled in the art of knife fighting.

Thankfully, it seems the chances of her ever having laid eyes on a Higurashi game are scant.

Via Asahi.

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