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Japanese Regional Physics


Strike Witches pantsu again. If you were thinking it was only the international editions of anime which get butchered by censors, think again. Lately, the various networks in Japan have been particularly keen to assert their sensibilities on the anime they carry, with the result that the more risqué anime can expect to have several different versions.


Mysterious differences in steam physics, lighting, incidental objects and the like abound, depending on broadcast location.

Of course, these anime can have radically different time slots, explaining matters, but this is not always the case.

Make sure you get the right one: in this case that would be any but the Bowdlerised Gifu version.


Of course this sort of thing has no connection whatsoever to the increasingly popular practice of releasing a DVD version with radically increased steaminess of a different sort…

Comparisons via here and here.


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