Internet Censorship Bill Passes


The previously discussed efforts to protect the children from the wickedness of the Internet, by censoring their access to it, are set to become law, having passed with the unanimous assent of the House of Representatives (lower house, the one with most of the power); it will go before the House of Councillors next week, and then fully come into effect.

With the law, it will become mandatory for PCs and mobile phones to include filtering functionality/software; parental permission is supposed to be required for children to access the Internet in uncensored form.

As to the actual business of judging which sites are “harmful”, the Japanese government will circumvent problems dealing with the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression by outsourcing the censoring to some sort of “private” organisation (likely to be some kind of industry group or quango), the details of which are still unclear.

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  • Anonymous says:

    got a membership still cant post as my name…odd but I hoshioni shall declare Its up to the parents to raise there kids right, its not up to a government cookie cutter standard. and notice japan isnt the only nation avidly wanting or has censorship. google, photobucket and youtube auto-censor there content. obama and the usa wants a web fairness act.

    We all need to unite and come together and see the real emeny. big centralised powers ruling the common folk.

    • One day people will unite and get sick of governments but that time isn’t now, and it will take ALOT of people dying or being killed before that happens. Sorry folks, this bill is stupid and wont change much for those who can get around it.

      Wish we could do a united earth thing like the Star Trek has but honestly could you ever see us do that in 100- 1000 years? I cant 🙁

  • -Only approved sites would be available to the public.
    -The censoring process will be corrupt(ed).
    -There will be a waiting list to approve sites.
    -Money will control the process (it controls eveything)
    -Kids will still find a way around it.
    -The control will be centralized into a database.

    Voila! Internet control, and they will not have done anything about the initial problem that they instated the big brother bs for in the first place.

  • Wouldn’t this need to be at the ISP level? I mean anyone could just download and burn a live Linux CD/DVD. Last time I checked linux distros were made from many different places around the world and mostly likely would not include internet filtering because a government told them to.

    • Yes, that’s perfectly feasible. If my country ever tried to install something on my PC, I’d just get rid of it. But, the average japanese loli has no knowledge about Linux. such a shame…

  • Anonymous says:

    What the hell?! Damn, Japan, maybe we can ban any political parties or any form of speech deemed dangerous by some officially sanctioned NGO. This makes me happy that I’m going back home to the USA in a few months.

    • Was nuking Japan the really the best idea in the whole world? Not if you were Japanese or one of their allies. Yes if you were American or one of their allies.

      Should American’s feel bad about nuking Japan? No, does Japan feel bad about invading China? Not so much. Big boys do what they want and if they lose, they don’t whine about it for the next fifty years.

      Take a look at England. Had a huge empire and now it has a couple of islands and a hangnail worth of Ireland. Do they whine, heck no, they simply kicked Argentina’s butt.

      Invading Iraq was probably not the best idea. It was left over from Bush senior’s presidency. Afghanistan is a different matter if you are an American or a fan of theirs. But the attack on the world trade center was an attack on capitalism and western values more than an attack on a “country”. If you think the powers that be are totalitarian in the USA, heh heh, you should see what they are like in fundamentalist Islamic countries. But many shy from criticising those countries for fear of being called religious bigots or maybe just offending the guys with all the money.

  • have they ever heard about the word “democracy”?
    i put the blame on the japanese citizens, though. effective democracy requires a strong will to participate from everyone – something that’s lacking in too many people from the so-called “free world”.

    you see the same problem appear in the u.s. and a., germany, france, the whole eu, and so on. in the uk too, though in a much more twisted way.

    the other issue is, obviously, the sheer incompetence of governments when it comes to technical matters. “a pc must come with filtering functionality” – how do they think this should work? special pcs produced exclusively for japan, where you can’t change the operating system and don’t have administrative permissions? i’m laughing my ass off. this is as ineffective, fascist and idiotic as the dns filtering of loliporn sites by a few eu countries.

    hitler and stalin would be proud.

    • Pro-censorship says:

      Democracy means freedom and the right to vote for your leaders, not a right to contravene the law, if it is against the law to look at porn of this kind, then only public consensus and democratic process will legally and culturally be the proof of your qualm. Free speech is already restricted to an extent, racism and hate rhetoric, for example, can cause you to be sentenced to prison, and there are censorship laws in place in terms of the watershed and regulatory bodies.

      Frankly, you’ve spoiled by the cultural free-for-all of the Internet, and you define that as democracy, but real democracy, like any form of government, requires restrictions and protections in the form of laws and rights for its people. You might think that this moves from being a purely political to an altogether too domestic and personal environment, but its the profession and the scope of those in government to see things in political terms, and in the end they’re trying to do what they think is best. Impractical or not, I agree with the sentiment.

      • Though what you may think is best its only what the government thinks is best. Was nuking japan really the best idea in the whole world??? nuking and killing many inoccents and then the US army invading Iraq to “free and protect its people” only for the US army to gain hold of the oil they intended on stealing. Call me what you want but i know a lot of what each and every government has done in the past and no good has come from any of them. In fact all the new laws being introduced are only taking away free will and will eventually make everyone obey a so called “absolute law” to a point where no one can do anything, and already i hear crap about people in the US having to be microchipped eventually and that presents a free will threat to a personal degree. Another thing that bothers me is passports being chipped to further store ones identification and details, and this talk of forming a one world government does not suprise me how much power the government wants. Once someone has a taste of power they simply want more.

  • tbh im mixed about this, there are sites i would keep from kids at the same time how can we trust a goverment to determin what is good and what is evil? difrent people and comunitys have difrent defeanitions on this. mind you its pointless in the first place put a system up it will get hacked or craked best one i know of would be to use VPN’s (hamatchi) or even Proxi systems to by pass filtering on comp side filtering is even easyer to brake

  • freedomforce29 says:

    what the fuck? the man is still coming down on my generation!!! gawd, I’m only 13 and I’m posting here, in fact I’m also a loli fan. BUT I SAY!!! CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! but if I were to fight it they would question why…(don’t be mad, don’t report(if you can, that is))