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Seiyuu to Otaku: Knock It Off

榊原ゆい / Yui Sakakibara

“Your antics are a nuisance, so cut it out please”. Otaku and their shenanigans have triggered a very forthright response from 榊原ゆい/Yui Sakakibara (prolific seiyuu for many famous eroge), or Yui-nyan, clearly not one to put up with any nonsense, or take it lying down as some of her compatriots do.

Yui-nyan is not just vocal, she is positively verbose in her lengthy harangue of the otaku involved in オタ芸, “ota-gei”, otaku performances, the maniacal and frequently disorderly disruptions which seem to be favoured by the most extreme seiyuu fanatics.

She has this to say: “Wouldn’t you be out the door if you tried that sort of thing at a major artist’s performance? … Think just because you’re otaku you can get away with this sort of thing?”, as well as a lot more in a very lengthy blog post.

The act she takes particular umbrage at was the throwing of a light-stick onto the stage, responding at the time in no uncertain terms: “Absolutely no throwing! It’s dangerous, I’ll stop the show!”.

Nice to see an assertive attitude taken by a seiyuu, but can she keep her unruly fans under heel? Via 2ch.

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