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Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”


The Japanese government is promising to finally stamp out illicit anime streaming sites overseas, and in China in particular, and replace them with an official streaming site with the cooperation of publishers and studios.

As part of the Abe administration’s efforts to muscle in on the anime industry and roll it into its “Cool Japan” programme, thankfully taking a break from attacking it with censorship for now, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is teaming up with 15 publishers and studios to quash illicit anime streaming sites.

In contrast to the previous disorganised efforts by individual companies to restrain the domination of international anime by “pirate sites,” this time around a “large scale” operation to “exterminate” the sites, although what measures they can take against sites based in China is not clear.

Their first step in this operation is to be sending takedown demands to 580 sites on the first of August, to be followed by the establishment of an officially endorsed streaming site carrying some 250 titles new and old.

The new site will be available for the equivalent of “several hundred yen a month,” although strangely no details or marketing fanfare for this new site are in evidence (and similar efforts in the form of and an upcoming Kadokawa/NicoNico site seem not to have made much impact either).

The ministry is keen to proceed despite the lack of details, as one of their PR flacks enthuses:

“We wish to ensure overseas fans can safely enjoy Japanese works legally, and to make a system where anime studios and publishers see their profits returned to them.”

Culture ministry guesses are that this year Chinese sites alone raked in over 560 billion yen in illegal sales, which Japanese companies saw not a penny of – and which would certainly finance the creation of more than a few new series were it actually to find its way to studios.

What impact unauthorised distribution of titles Japanese publishers never even bothered to market overseas had on sales, such as they are, has as usual been ignored – some uncomfortable studies do suggest it may have been a positive one, much as the huge “grey” market for unauthorised doujin works hardly seems to damage “white” publisher revenues, and the international appearance of the likes of Naruto can hardly be attributed to savvy marketing on the part of Japanese companies.

Amongst Japanese there is cynicism as to whether freeloading barbarian fans will ever pay their way as the Japanese so fastidiously maintain they do:

“Destroy the gaijin!”

“I bet they mean several hundred yen per title, not unlimited as the report seems to suggest but doesn’t actually say explicitly. Although at high quality that would be quite good.”

“If not it would seem to be impossible to compete with CR.”

“The ones who never buy would never have bought anything so their ‘losses’ to piracy are non-existent.”

“Doesn’t mean they are obligated to let them watch for free!”

“TV is behind the times – but they will never succeed with their series spread willy-nilly over a bunch of different paysites. They need to reform their distribution model as well.”

“That’s right. I looked up the legal streaming sites after reading this – we have d-anime-store, Gyao!, U-NEXT, Hulu, NicoNico, Bandai Channel, Noitami Channel – who the hell knows where they can watch which title out of this lot! Looking through all their unlimited plans to try to find one where you can actually get all the series you want, anyone would soon lose interest. They need to consolidate.”

“I live in America – you can’t subscribe to any of the domestic Japanese streaming services from overseas, you can’t watch on demand, there are no broadcasts on normal TV channels, and importing DVDs costs a fortune. There aren’t any legal options for most shows, they need to address this.”

“Don’t forget, most Japanese never buy the discs either – they are just watching for free on TV.”

“I wish they would actually make all shows viewable on TV throughout Japan.”

“Right – for the stuff not shown on satellite there are shows which are only shown in certain regions by certain stations.”

“The overseas releases are $100 for a season box set, the Japanese releases are $80 for two episodes…”

“What about FC2?”

“Give the old anime a break. You can’t get them rental or as new discs nowadays.”

“It’s whack-a-mole, but if you leave them alone matters only get worse.”

“Just promoting a single official anime site overseas would probably do more to discourage illicit streaming than a crackdown.”

“Why did they leave it so long?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    “The ones who never buy would never have bought anything so their ‘losses’ to piracy are non-existent.”

    “I live in America – you can’t subscribe to any of the domestic Japanese streaming services from overseas, you can’t watch on demand, there are no broadcasts on normal TV channels, and importing DVDs costs a fortune. There aren’t any legal options for most shows, they need to address this.”

    Look… This is stupid. I can understand your hurting for money, but the problem is usually in the content or in the economy. If your show is high quality and not generic, most people are going to like it, want to own it and support the creators. If its not, sorry about your luck…

    Look, living in the US, I get all my content anime wise from streaming, scanlations, etc. That how I get to see what is coming out each season, weed through the BS, and purchase the good stuff worth my money. If you start killing off sources, all the people who get to find out what great content you guys make, will diminish and you will lose out on even more money! If the person likes your show and has any sense of loyalty or duty, they will buy your product as soon as possible/ and or spread the word to another potential buyer. Youll be committing suicide by doing this.

  • Anonymous says:

    well, consider the fact that most Japanese anime studio never release anime to China and I mean something like crunchyroll. People want to watch the latest episode and have no official channel to do that. On the bright side, people will buy more anime related merchandise like figure and shit. A lot of my Chinese friends spent a lot of money on this kind of stuff. Yea, in case someone say they probably have brought those non generic figures, I can assure you that they are generic. To be fair to say, some Chinese may still try to download illegal distributed anime but as long as an official channel is available, I am sure a substantial amount of Chinese will be willing to spend a little money to get the official service and the translator group may actually get paid this time. It should be a win win for everyone. The way the Japanese do business is too conservative in general.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Japanese see anime for free on tv and foreigners still have to pay to watch anime?
    This is silly, and not think it will make a loss in the industry because the money these animes produces is not in broadcast television, but in selling action figures, blu-ray cds music and other products related to animes that probably must sell much on the outside, so do not think they are losing money, they are making a lot of money and still want to earn more using paid sites claiming piracy, but never succeeded translation of anime in all countries and even simultaneous translation nor have more 2500 anime titles available in any video format for both download and online

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t even bother!

    No intelligent and sane person outside of crapan would waste their money by paying “several hundreds of yens” to watch shallow and poorly (cheaply) done cartoons (with insults and mockery directed against them embedded inside). That’s why people still pirates this crap even if there are available some legal alternatives. And, if they will have subs with the same horrible quality offered by nico whatever, NO THANKS! (The fansubs do a better work for “free”).

    Better develop efforts to keep this rubbish inside your borders and stop its leaking!

  • Anonymous says:

    Uhhh, have none of these people heard of Crunchyroll? I mean I know it doesn’t have everything but even if you don’t pay for the premium membership. Revenue from ads still goes to the anime production companies.

  • Anonymous says:

    If it works like it does in America the lawyers and political parties that came up with this idea will make 98% of the money from it, the studio that makes the anime will get 1.8% and the creators will get the .2 percent.

    Meanwhile people that used to rely on the fan subs and streaming that don’t like the new system for what ever reason (Don’t like the translations as much, less convenient compared to the system they are using now etc) watch less anime, in return watch less shows, by not seeing more shows they buy less anime related merchandise.

    So revenue from actual anime show up slightly, revenue from all related goods down drastically.

    Example, I originally got hooked on One Piece years ago and have since bought every single POP figure made (Except for some Chopper color variations since they went ridiculous with those) Many figures I bought multiples of for display, and to keep in box.

    Thats thousands of dollars invested in related merchandise that began with a fan sub.

    Honestly if I had been charged to watch One Piece way back then I never would have been a fan because I wouldn’t have made it past the early episodes, the pacing would have been too slow to warrant me spending the money, but I’m willing to to stick with a show a little longer if its free.

    I would think that piracy mainly hurts shows that are “instant hits” where everyone likes them right away. Its probably good for shows that start out slow and picks up later because more people are willing to stick it through the boring beginning episodes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Silly japanese government. Take away anime and manga and I will never become interested in doing business with you or your culture. It’s the Japanese government and groups that are always hands in air when it comes to this medium anyway. It’s pretty obvious their attempts at regulating and almost in a way, erasing anime and manga is quiet evident. Firs all the censorship done to Anime and Manga thanks to Ishithara that fucked up anime from being expressive ever again like it’s old counterparts.

    Now, the traditional blocking of non-japanese from the medium. Not everyone from the west is an oversensitive lobbysit looking to destroy entertainment based on idealogy, but it’s sad that the japanese would ally themselves with the very countries that pretty much DON’T like a lot of their manga or anime, especially the sexual content which I like VERY much. I wouldn’t have had a safe sexuality had it not been for japanese animation, instead I would have been left highly ignorant and only able to look at real bodies, whom, which I found majority, to be disgustin n smelly.

    If it ain’t broken, DON’T try to ‘fix’ it.

  • Anonymous says:

    ““Don’t forget, most Japanese never buy the discs either – they are just watching for free on TV.””
    This. So much this, it actually hurts.

    Besides, finding those “quality anime shows” in each season is as rare as a four-leaf clover.

  • Piracy is more about convenience than price.

    Make a streaming website based in Japan with no censoring or change in story and plot. Make it available from every country for every show. Stream shows the day they are released.

    I’d gladly pay 12-20$ subscription fee for a good, fast and complete streaming service.

    “The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates.”

    – Gabe Newell, Valve

    • No, the quality of streaming will just give my eyes cancer. But I agree with the quote. Emphasizing “a service that’s better than what they’re receiving”. Streaming just sucks ass.

      But I guess it is pretty hard to beat
      -basically instantenously
      -uncensored (sometimes better than official products, see uncensored uncensored Ep 07 from Strike Bitches)
      -best quality available (better than official products, since discs are a pain in the ass and I’m not as good at ripping that stuff)
      -best translation (I want my suffixes/Onee-samas/senseis/etc.)
      -basically just best everything except for morality

        • “a 15 minute long high quality 1080p encoded episode.”

          Sooo… how many gigabytes are we talking here? I’m guessing at least 2gb?

          I mean sure, I need only a few hours to download 200gb, so streaming could work in high quality. But aside from the issue of filesize there’s also the issue of old computers that can’t handle high quality. People in the streaming business ain’t exactly bleeding edge, like some fansubbers.

        • Clearly you ain’t a quality whore.

          1080p doesn’t mean shit if the encode sucks. And since you need really small file sizes for streaming to work and the online players can’t really handle decent encodes you’re stuck with shitty quality.

      • Anonymous says:

        How can pirated products/downloads be instantaneous AND uncensored, if the TV broadcast version is censored? They have to wait for the DVDs/BDs just like legitimate consumers do, aside from rare fan edits like that Strike Witches 07 release. But even that certainly didn’t come out as soon as the ep was broadcast.

        • If it ain’t on BD it doesn’t exist. Some people think cam-rips ain’t worth their time. I think TV releases ain’t worth my time.

          Waiting for a release isn’t a problem. Waiting 6 weeks for my BD from japan to ship to my house is a problem.

  • I’ll be honest here, they can try to do this, but I highly doubt its going to get far, for each site they get down 2-4 will popup in its place, if anything they are just going to make the issue worse. Just like when they took down megaupload, like 20 new sites like it just poped up to fill the void, its like a grease fire, you don’t throw water on a grease fire because it’ll just make it spread. Honestly though, I don’t know why they are worried about a market they mostly ignore anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    If this means we get a CR style site for anime over 10 years old, count me in… If you guys are complaining about anime market for english speaking countries, don’t even think about the situation for “minor” languages like spanish, french, german, italian…

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait… does this mean we’ll be able to get legit streaming options? About damned time. Honestly, I’d rather go through legal channels to watch my shows, since they tend to be more stable and better implemented.

    Best way to beat the pirates is to beat them at their own game – there’s not even a need to attack them legally. Go after them economically. Better Business model == less revenue for the pirates, and thus better services for everyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Legal channels, better implemented?… You seem to be new.

      Torrenting has been working wonderfully for over a decade now, with no legal channel -except maybe Netflix- getting even close to it.

  • Anonymous says:

    A couple of years back “illegal” manga sites were targeted. All the manga on the so called “illegal” sites are still up. The word “illegal” is a joke when applied to foreign companies outside of Japan. Neither Japans government or companies can tell foreign countries what is illegal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, a few will certainly comply and close.
    Others will close for a few weeks and then reappear, maybe with slightly different address.
    Many will ignore it.
    Fansubbing goes on as always.
    An incompetent, ridiculous corrupt government won’t be much more effective than Disney and Hollywood.
    Still, LDP a shit, those japanazis an die in a fire.

  • Anonymous says:

    I lived in Japan for a few years and came back recently. One time when I was at a japanese friends house, she showed me ‘a cool site’ that she uses to watch anime – it was clearly an illegal streaming site, although without fansubs, just raws. (she wanted to rec it to me, because she didnt know about fansub streaming sites) Judging by the views on the episodes uploaded there, a -lot- of japanese people use these sites.
    So it always makes me lol when you see so many japanese otaku going on about how only the non-japanese anime fans pirate anime; plenty of their own do it. In their case, it’s even more justified – $80 for two episodes? Are you serious? I can buy all 13 episodes of Nichijou on DVD in australia for $50, and I think thats a decent price…then I look over at the other sections in the dvd store and see 13 episodes of a british/american sitcom for $12.

    • So it’s the japanese themselves who actually watch streaming. I don’t know anybody that watches streaming. Quality is too much of a problem. 10Bit was invented for a reason and h.265 could become quite common very soon..

  • Anonymous says:

    The way I live in the us is stressful and some times is a hassle downloading ep from one site finding the ones you like and all that I just found out two weeks ago that I mite like love live season 1 and it’s all available in one free site if all this splits up in to Many sites like hulu cruckycrap neko neko and all the others I might just give up I usually download ep and skip trough the episode and by the time the dvd is on us pre order I know will buy it

  • Anonymous says:

    Click on the post and saw favorite couple doing the best thing…
    “Completely ignored whatever the post say and enjoy the picture while reading a dozen doujin related to the character”

  • Anonymous says:

    Stupidity at it fullest it will not work there are people willing to watch a episode on YouTube with bad resolution split in two or 3 parts just to avoid paying 40 buck for a us release IM NOT ONE OF THEM I ONLY DOWNLOAD SHOWS THAT NEVER GET A US RELEASE OR SO SLOW LIKE SPICE AND WOLF 2 IT WAS A 2 YEAR WAIT FOR THAT AND FOR US RELEASE WITH SUBS only

  • Anonymous says:

    The western market for pay-per-view anime is slim to mediocre at best. We have one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) media industry in the world. We don’t NEED anime, some of us just watch it because we like it and it’s available; but it’s either on a tv in a bundle of channels, or its watched on stream sites by people like me, and I watch a decently large amount.

    If people like me are somehow forced into either paying or not watching anime, you might get a small crowd to pay and a few measly dollars out of some of us, but most people will just give up watching

    but the truth is that the japanese have no control of internet sharing and within hours of broadcast its already subbed in multiple languages and being hosted somewhere. So have fun pretending there’s an imaginary cash cow out waiting to be capitalized on.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Chinese don’t give a shit.
    Keep sending your takedown notices, they will just ignore you.
    Western companies have been trying this for years.
    It’s outside your jurisdiction. That makes you powerless unless you have something else to pressure them with, which you don’t because the Chinese simply doesn’t give a shit – especially about Japan.

    Good fucking luck with that, because anything but pure wizardry will fail.

    • Anonymous says:

      China is not a signatory of so called “international copyright” treaties with Japan. Their copyright laws require active sales/distribution within the country in order for the media in question to not get rolled into public domain. Over there, there is no such thing as something having a demand, but no legal supply. If you don’t supply it, someone will, and it will be legal.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Adversary” is a bit strong of a word. We kind of OWN them. Like, we literally have military bases in their country, right now. And the funding they aren’t allowed to spend on military after WWII they redirect towards a bolstered economy.

      We’re also the reason China hasn’t blown their tiny island off the map in revenge for the Nanking massacre and sino-japanese wars. Its because of their alliance with us they can live peacefully with their head in the clouds complaining about small non-issues like media streaming, which the rest of the business world has already adjusted to years ago.

      I’m not trying to antagonize your post. I’m just trying to drive the point home about how petty the current Japanese government is compared to the rest of world.

      • Anonymous says:

        16:50 Japan does have a military though. Also, The U.S. doesn’t OWN any country. If we started breaking treaties with the U.N. then we’re screwed. If anyone owns anyone it’s the U.N. or European Union if they want something done we do it. Like faithful dogs we do it. Also, Japan is now exporting military hardware and is even helping make military hardware with the U.S. to help bolster Japan’s economy (though they don’t really need it). Also Japan is kicking most (if not all) countries asses when it comes to economy, jobs, education, infrastructure and total worth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then the U.N. makes demands to these governments to stop these market terrorists and then China and others will shut them down. Forcibly if they need to. Everyone wants more money including, but not limited to the Music Industry, Hollywood and the Game Industry.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its more we already know what will happen
        Japan already tried this showing old hero shows
        you pay for the channel extra from the rest of your cable package & everything is raw they were to cheap/sorry/lazy to even subb it. And to make it even better they could only get one cable company to sign on. That was a huge hit wasn’t it?

      • The hell I’m gonna watch this shit? Learning japanese?

        Subgroups make anime better. I have seen some subtitles from the people in germany. They are SHIT. And that was the DVD.
        No sign explanations, wrong translation, shitty fonts and just bad in general.

        They can make their site for the artists, no problem, but this wont change the fact that people will still pirate and sub it, because subbed animes are superior to anything unless when you maybe are capable of reading, hearing and understanding japanese language fluently.

        I would have to study japanese culture to understand why they wear a kimono or why other things are how they are, because no explanation boxes. That’s a simple example but there are plenty other things that would become hard to understand for someone that doesnt live in that contry is familar with the way things are there.

  • Anonymous says:

    I mean,there are Crunchyroll and funimations. Along with others less-interesting streaming sites. Essentially all animes are licensed and streaming already.

    I think the government effort can lead to unfair competitions actually. Maybe I am imaginating or are they using illegal streaming as excuse to give some friends a streaming business?

  • Anonymous says:

    Big fat publishing companies are ranting about their imaginary stolen profits (again) from an audience that most of them never targeted.

    Just like about that old tale where one ate a couple of boiled eggs at a tavern and the owner wanted him to pay the cost of all the eggs and offspring those boiled eggs would make (yes the BOILED eggs)

    • The Japanese Government is a big joke and we all know it. It won’t surprise me that this’ll forgotten as quick as their lame attempt at “Banning Loli Material” and we all know what happened there.(if you don’t: it didn’t work. Didn’t pass)Waste of time.

      To the guy who said this – “I live in America – you can’t subscribe to any of the domestic Japanese streaming services from overseas, you can’t watch on demand, there are no broadcasts on normal TV channels, and importing DVDs costs a fortune. There aren’t any legal options for most shows, they need to address this. Thank you for making some damn sense! I like anime as much as the next guy but 80$ for 2 episodes is too MFing much!!!

        • That section is limited and with other free sites it makes waiting for CR releases unneeded since you don’t have to wait(for those who don’t go the Premium Route)a week to watch a new episode. CR shoots ads out the wazoo too. I can see 1 or 2 but 4(the first one is after the OP Credits!?)no thank you. By the way: we’re talking about “Japanese Streaming Services”. Read the comment then try again. I never said “No western services”

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem with promoting anime overseas is the risk that anime companies will start pandering to foreign tastes. I watch anime for its unique perspective and I don’t want it becoming corrupted by foreign moralist, feminist or religious groups.

    • Anonymous says:

      I share your concern somewhat but the opposite is also true, most of the “classic” anime in the west, things like cowboy bebop, black lagoon, etc… that are popular here but not so much in Japan would get more support.

      • Anonymous says:

        “fucked”? Do you have an idealized vision of what anime should be? I on the other hand just want it to remain as it is – created by Japanese for Japanese and appreciating it for that, both the good and the bad.

        I don’t need anime to pander to my perceived tastes and preferences. I like anime for its differences.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with your analysis is that anime already has a huge (albeit still technically niche) fandom. With foreigners for a while already viewing and loving the “unique perspective” of anime. Plus, the “foreign moralist, feminist or religious groups” pandering has already been tried before the 200s with unsuccessful results.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right now, I’m terribly fearful of what the 2020 Olympics will do to Japan. Sure, it’s going to be a great boost for the economy, but at what cost?

      I fear that the Olympics will pretty much decimate Otaku culture as it is as the government might see the Olympics and an impetus to finally ‘clean up’ its act.

      Already, Comiket is going to be moved or cancelled because of the Olympics. Hopefully, shitting dick nipples won’t go along with it either.

      I mean, you might not agree or even like some of the content that gets accepted or produced in Japan, but you have to admit that it’s a place where creative freedom thrives (more so than the US or other places). I don’t want that to go away.

      • Anonymous says:

        the olympics wont bring a massive boost to the economy, it never does. the olympics brings a small boost to the economy for a very short time, for a very very high price. it always costs more than it brings in and the benefits dont last

    • DualStorm says:

      But look at it this way, if they do pander to foreign tastes, we may finally have more series that aren’t set in generic japanese highschools and generic urban japanese settings.

    • Anonymous says:

      NO pandering to the west. The majority of people here are stupid, have no imagination, and are easily offended about anything.

      Right now the reboot of sailor moon is getting ass-raped by a couple of feminist ‘slip-ins’ done to the show. I don’t like how the west has been bullying people into accepting the current fads of “modernism” or else type of attitude.

      I like Japan a lot because it’s VERY sensual. You don’t get the amount of sexyness like Japan over in the West because of the amount of butthurt tools making sure it won’t happen.

      You gave me pantsu, lolis, and onna to stick my penis into while I was furiously fapping under my desk. Don’t botch manga and anime for these over-sensitive fuck heads today.

      I want my fantasy and I want my waifus, now fucka off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you not be such a pathetic sex-crazed weeaboo.

        “The majority of people here are stupid, have no imagination, and are easily offended about anything.”

        The same could be said about Japan based on the articles on Sankaku alone.

        “Right now the reboot of sailor moon is getting ass-raped by a couple of feminist ‘slip-ins’ done to the show. ”

        That’s a first. What is so ‘feminist’ about the new Sailor Moon? As a matter of fact, what is not feminist about the old Sailor Moon?

        “I don’t like how the west has been bullying people into accepting the current fads of “modernism” or else type of attitude.”

        The “west” (a vague term if I ever did know one) isn’t bullying anyone. And what is this modernism you speak of? If anything, modern Japan and your infatuation with it is the poster child for modernism.

        “I like Japan a lot because it’s VERY sensual. You don’t get the amount of sexyness like Japan over in the West because of the amount of butthurt tools making sure it won’t happen.”

        So Japan is so great to you because they do sex “better”? Well whatever floats your boat. But you are not looking that hard when it comes to the sexuality of both the “west” and “Japan” (since it seems Japan is the only Asian nation that does sexyness).

        “You gave me pantsu, lolis, and onna to stick my penis into while I was furiously fapping under my desk. Don’t botch manga and anime for these over-sensitive fuck heads today.”

        Because Japanese otaku aren’t over-sensitive fuck heads.

        “I want my fantasy and I want my waifus, now fucka off.”

        And nobody, not even this law is taking that away from you.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s a good example of the of the damage that Westernization has already done. Look at how modest those terrible CGI transformation sequences are in the new Sailor Moon. All because Westerners lose their shit if they see a cartoon girl in non-sexual nudity for a split-second.

      • Anonymous says:

        “a painful reminder why we should keep western influence out of anime.”

        What Umetsu did in KITE Liberator is little different to what he did in Mezzo DSA. Oh, and what do you mean by “western influence”? Astroboy? Cowboy Bebob? Black Lagoon?

    • Anonymous says:

      oh fuck you, they’ve already been pandering to foreign tastes since big o got a second season. in fact the whole reason any title lets a second reason after taking a break is because of the foreign market’s initial demand for more because those island monkeys are too pussy to demand more.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know what you mean. Whenever someone makes a good show in the west, feminists and other interest groups try to “change” it to make it “better”, “moderner” etc. This is how they ruined Family Guy, Ben Ten, and many other shows that were great without others medling with it. Not to mention movies like Godzilla and Dragon Ball. Hollywood can’t make anything original anymore.

        • Anonymous says:

          Something wrong with the world? It’s the fault of the other half which sancom basement dwellers have no contact with. (Naturally assuming their mothers won’t have anything to do with them once they started wanking)

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey there I just started viewing family guy from start to finish is my goal how did they ruined I like it so far I’m in ep 10 season 9 I really enjoy it I’m a little tired of anime and of this, O we got season one of some anime let’s wish as hard as we f**** can for season 2 3 4 and one its out another 3 to 5 year wait fuck that been waiting for spice and wolf for so long

      • Anonymous says:

        16:01 Well! That’s easy we just adopt the Grand Theft Auto formula and be so vocal. That we just laugh the feminist and other groups trying to change what we love out of the building.

        • Anonymous says:

          Holy Shit! Did you see the outrage Feminists tried to orchestrate after GTA V? We are not in the clear just yet. Its not impossible the next GTA protag is going to some whiny thin bitch who is “brave” and shit. (One thing you will never get from Internet feminists is a game with an actually badass heroine)

    • Anonymous says:

      Its the same thing that hapened with good old JRPGS (see Square Enix) the moment they made RPGs with the west in mind as sales focus, games lost the japanese soul and turned out like a mix of everything that noone likes… dont make this now happening with anime! no THANKS!

      • Anonymous says:

        But if those dominant female characters are attractive in any way shape or form, they’re being degraded and sexualized. And if the work has those females on the receiving end of any violence, it’s promoting “rape culture,” whether the violence is sexual in nature or not. Only unattractive, invincible female characters will satisfy the feminists, if such a thing is even possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Promoting overseas may save anime for me. I’ve been noticing a gradual decline in anime tastefulness as they’re catering for an audience that is gradually turning pathetically herbivorous (and not in the dietary sense).

      In general, anime used to be cool, mature and innovative. Now, most of it is embarrassing, immature, ridiculously sexist and perverted (and I’m a pervert) and completely cliched.

      Where once I was always keen to try and show anime to friends, I know have to screen the majority of shows because of the issues stated above.

      • yuriphoria says:

        That’s just the thing you are watching. And the fact that you are here means that you like it you hypocrite cunt.

        Cool mature and innovative still exists. No it’s not common. It was NEVER common to begin with.

        You are just a victim of observation bias. You remember the best classics of 3 decades and compare them with everything that is being produced for this season. No wonder it doesn’t compare.

        Already Kill la Kill seems to have become a new Classic. Give it time and you’ll see the 2010’s will have as much good anime as the 80’s or 90’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        There really isn’t much of a difference with the other stuff. Promoting and not promoting anime overseas will not save anime for you. Are you also sure those people are your friends lol? You don’t seem open to them being understanding of your tastes. You’re the definition of a herbivore ironically.

      • This Anon speaks the truth and whoever downvotes him is a retarded little immature schoolboy.

        Where are the adventurous titles on par with Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Outlaw Star? Where is eccentric comedy like Trigun or Slayers without a hint of fan-service (“little-virgin-boy-service”). Where is predictable and simple but so lovely shounens like Kenshin? Hell, how old is DBZ again? Why there haven’t been anything so legendary for such a long time?

        Japanese make me sick lately. They weren’t so retarded for AKB48 earlier. What the fuck happened?

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s called evolution and natural progression and neither is objectively good or bad. If you don’t like what its become, you still have the good ol’ days on VHS and LD. I bet the fans of today will become as disgruntled as you if anime were to head in a new direction.

          Now, how about telling someone to get off your lawn?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because anime at the end is still considered entertainment and the companies will pander to whatever and whoever brings in the most money. You start waving fat stacks of cash in front of them and they’ll do whatever it fucking takes to get in on it.

          Moe/beach episode are like quintessential examples of it. But then again, can you really blame people? I’d say Hollywood is just as bad. Just look at Transformers 4. Hot girls, crazy CGI, no fucking story, big robots, fuck, people all over the world eat it up like a fat guy at McDonalds with a plate of fresh hot cakes in front of him.

          AKB48 is probably the worst offender as they’ve literally boosted the idol business into Japanese culture. It is fucking everywhere. Basically selling the sexual symbol of these girls to Japanese people everywhere. In the end, it is the public that is eating it up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Blame the Japanese that moved onto other media for their entertainment. Once the ‘mainstream’ audience left for other pastures, the anime companies had to produce for the fans that were left and buying their products.

          What came first? The Type B\moe anime or the ‘mainstream’ leaving.

        • yuriphoria says:

          No, you are only stupid, as I said in this article, you are suffering from observation bias.

          The last 3 decades produced TONS of shit and a few gems, but you only remember the gems.

          Then you compare it to what’s on the TV right now and conclude this decade is is the worst ever.

      • couldn’t agree more with you sir. We are lucky if we just get at least one quality anime a year that doesn’t involved lolis, ecchi and slice of life or some perverted immature shit for closet pedophiles. And I’m not against it but diversity is lacking so much most anime feel like deja vu no matter the genre or themes in it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you need to watch more anime. I’d say there are clearly more then one series a year that doesn’t involve lolis or ecchi. And what is wrong with slice of life? Technically there is nothing inherently wrong with a slice of life story. Not all stories need to be elaborate and fucking action packed with fantasy or sci-fi.

  • Anonymous says:

    People who continually confuse piracy and stealing are idiots. Seriously, if you’re going to be so uptight about it, don’t you dare lend or borrow a DVD, game or book because the original company isn’t making any money off him. A single standard will work just fine, thank you very much.

    Micro$oft tried to pull this shit with their XBone and see how that turned out.

    • Anonymous says:

      That piracy label is ridiculous. The tv stations put them on TV and somebody is smart enough to invent a way to record it and shares it with other fans. Likewise if these company’s put them on the web, it will be ripped somehow. Then there’s the whole BD/DVD/CD/etc digital content. Somebody bought it and decides to share them with others.

      The big ruse is when somebody buys a digital product it’s really buying a license to their product. According to these old fossils it doesn’t truly belong to anybody but them which is really deceitful if one analysis the subject. Then there’s the whole government helping corporations in their monopoly but that’s another topic.

      They need to find a better way but they are stuck to their old ways from what I read due to many aged people living in Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of piracy lawsuits are just a scare tactic for corporations to bully people with lawsuits and then “come to an out-of court settlement” basically getting what they want with no legal oversight. It’s a way to use fear to protect profits.

      Copyright laws have been rendered obsolete by the advent of the internet, but a balance needs to be struck that allows freedom of information without destroying the media business. Luckily some businesses are adjusting to be able to make money through supplementary means like high quality streaming sites and ad-supported free models.

      We don’t want to hurt our economy if we can help it, but we do want freedom to share on the internet. Hopefully when all the dust settles there will be an acceptable compromise.

    • Anonymous says:

      15:01 The real idiot is you. Confusing DRM and here’s our companies catalog have fun watching for a flat fee and/or ad. Also everyone in the industry will appreciate your support. And if some thieves need to be knocked off the search engine to better control traffic then so be it.
      I don’t know those thieves anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    Two things are important do not censor anime and to instantly translate aired animes

    one of the main reasons fansub sprung up was the unavailability of anime in the west

    also the Dinosaurs from the MPAA should learn how not be a complete asshat by trying to destroy the supply with out filling the whole which is why their fight is completely futile

    as long the anime stream will supply the demand is has a good chance

  • Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable fixed fee for what I watch. If they made it work, I’d actually pay for my torrents if the money went to the ligit place. But I’d want the file and not the streaming shit that requires internet connection.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’d make money from ad revenue, if they posted an official high quality streaming source. Partnering with Hulu or other sites to offer their shows would probably work too.

      but they’ll just spin their wheels trying to chase a large imaginary market share. Spending a fortune in lawyer fees and takedown orders of content which will just crop up somewhere else. Even if they have some success, people will just defer to p2p networks or stop watching anime.

      It’s funny how they think free viewers somehow represent a large potential customer base.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well! They need to try something and soon. They’re going to be bankrupt with all the inflation and animators choosing video games over anime. Also with the help of the government is a lot different then some companies trying to change things, also if you get rid of the illegal sites in the search engine, then they will choose the next option which will be their site and other official sites.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fuck… U sound so stupid! If anime reaches a wider audience it would make more profits than ever compared to their money coming from horny virgins. You want sensual and dirty, go but some hentai!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Profit-wise yes, but for the sake of the industry, no.

          The more ‘commercialized’ anime becomes, the more it’s at threat of being heavily regulated. Understand this, everytime a sexy anime comes out there’s always a feminite and moralist complaining about it.

          If the anime and manga stays in Japan, and is not commercialized through exposure in official medias overseas, then the more likely this genre will stay around without being watered down to bits.

          I had enough Disney Princess, Feminist-Powah and lame-ass love-stories to fill up a closet full of poop. I want my dangerous, edgy, sensual and down-right dirty animu’s and mangah’s. OH, AND THE FLATTER THE CHEST, THE BETTER.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you will be able to keep your wallet and just watch a ad. Much like Hulu or Netflix. This isn’t the government alone, it’s also the publishers hoping for this and if you’re a fan of anime you should want this too. I mean this will pave the way for more anime on cable and everywhere else (like theatres). I’m talking worldwide too. Anime and Manga publishers deserve this as well as the fans.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I have to pay for subscription I’m gonna end up being poor as fuck. I don’t care if people say “I’m stealing” or bullshit like that. I can’t afford to waste money to wait and watch anime that I might end up dropping.

    • DieHardjagged says:

      What the Hell, i mean..i am even poor as fuck but still can afford my 40 bucks each Month to maintain payment for my Sky Abo.

      And even if you dont want to pay for Subbed Anime, just use Horriblesubs.

    • Anonymous says:

      as will everyone else. people watch it because they like it and its available. an enormous percentage of the stream viewers are NOT going to pay for anime.

      japan has traditionally been a fairly narcissistic country with little interest in understanding foreigners beyond the bare minimum required for economic trade.

      They must think we’re just like a bunch of Japanese who’s life centers around their products and if the free options are removed we’ll all start paying because we have nothing else to watch. pffft!

      • Anonymous says:

        I get one of the point your making also jp dvd sales aren’t any good its all the merchandise they sell this year alone I bought over 18 dvd bd us releases attack on titan is one of them but I can’t afford or I think it’s stupid to pay $79 for 4 episode’s of kill la kill 4 episodes and I made the decision to watch the fansubs ver and maybe some time down the road I will buy it as a full set for tops 90 since it is a aniplex release and if all this blows over I will go back to futurama family guy the Simpsons or I’ll just hang my self from a strawberry tree

      • Anonymous says:

        Netflix barely has shit to begin with! Yeah they got a couple of shows and movies but when you see which are good and which one are complete donkey shit than you don’t have much to work with.

        • Noodlestein says:

          @16:11, that is beside the point. If you cant spend 10-20$ a month on SOMETHING(doesnt have to be netflix or the like) you clearly have a problem and should sort out your finacial issues before worrying about anime.

          Chances are the OP is a teenager, still in HS and thus cant pay for himself, and is too embarrassed to ask his parents to pay for a sub.
          Shit if thats the case go do chores for an allowance or get a part time job.

        • Anonymous says:

          16:11 Why hang on Netflix? I mean if you can’t afford a service that costs $8 a month, then you have problems stop eating or whatever dumbass habit that requires most of your income with nothing to give tomorrow except a headache or big belly or both.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s about time and people think the internet will be free forever and that’s where you’re wrong. Netflix is proving this to everyone and the internet will become more regulated and will have more surveillance. It doesn’t matter if it’s just data, it’s still stealing folks and deludes the next product.

    • Anonymous says:

      Make the Internet useless after people were used to it & I’m sure the ‘problem’ will be ‘fixed’. The only way to do what you suggest is to break (not in encryption code sense but literally disabling[blocking]) all existing protocols. Think signing requirements for all packet sources.

    • Anonymous says:

      Eh Quantam Computing will change everything, still years out though.

      The interesting thing about the current set-up is surveillance doesn’t do much. They already know every time you torrent something, stream something, download, view, etc. If they target very specific things, they can chase people down no problem – except if there are millions of people doing it, like there are, it simply doesn’t work to prosecute.

      What happens is they nab a few unfortunates, publicize the hell out of it and hope that it stops people. Of course it doesn’t though, just think about the RIAA trying to screw people with those lawsuits. Not only did it not stop anyone, people simply improved how they pirated music.

        • Anonymous says:

          16:07 They do though. They do pay them. Though if they’re on the verge of going bankrupt. I can see why they won’t. Which might be the future of anime and manga, if they don’t extend past those borders soon. Seeing as animators are choosing games over anime. I hope for the best for anime and manga, unlike some cynical assholes. If they weren’t being compensated properly, then where is the writers strike? I’ve yet to see one in Japan quite honestly.

        • Anonymous says:

          They do though. They do compensate them. But if companies have to take more and more risks on them, then they won’t. If anime and manga doesn’t grow beyond those tiny borders of Japan, then there won’t be more anime and manga. They will be bankrupt. Shits getting more expensive in animation and a lot of Japanese artists and animators are choosing games over anime. So if nothings done, then anime and manga are done.

        • Anonymous says:

          You seem to think the industry will properly compensate the original creators and animators. That’s a cute thought but I doubt we live in the world you describe where money is distributed to the right people and they would never under finance to save themselves a quick buck.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow Char must hate her show. If she doesn’t want her makers to make money, which in turn will make more seasons. More money means more risks to losses, not saying you won’t sell Char but it’s better to have a backup plan.

      • Anonymous says:

        The internet is in the governments hands and all this will lead to is special forces breaking in to your house, destroying your stuff and arrest you or kill you (if you retaliate). Just support the official release by watching the or paying, what’s so wrong with that? I don’t get it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dem fools don’t know how to use secure encrypted Networks. For them to watch that stuff is just lame anyway.

          The government is all over any publically used or commecialized VPN that’s in the U.S. Onion is past experimental at this point, the U.S. intelligence has nothing else to do with tax-payers money obliviously.

          Doesn’t matter though. Despite such efforts there will be other networks that pop-up inplace, so it’s a never-ending thing. When these networks start popping up overseas is when things get trickier.

        • Anonymous says:

          15:49 I know this! I know people who were arrested in the U.K. and U.S. because they were using this and the onion router to view live action child porn. So yeah if the government wants it done it will be.
          Do you guys hate the idea of anime to flourish that much? Why are you here anyway?

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh you mean the same NSA that were put on court for abusing their authority outside their bound, who clearly violated a constitutional amendment NSA? Than by all means I guess it’s okay for them to break a constitutional amendment if they’re part of the government…. And to add to your last point both the business and consumers should have the right to deem how much something should be worth. What we have right now is a one sided market where the entertainment industry filters the shit they produces yet barely do the recipient have any say for the matter.

        • Anonymous says:

          Okay unless you show me where it said the internet is own by the government I’ll say to you that’s bullshit (unless you’re living in China). But regardless, ownership of the web itself is impossible since it’s the fucking worldwide web. If you want to have the government to control the content you receive I suggest you move your ass to China or North Korea if you really want to push for the extreme.

        • Anonymous says:

          The long and short of it is the NSA and their display of power and for being just a single entity of the government. Is proof to me and you that if the government wanted to lockdown the internet they can.
          The way I see pirating sites is terrorism on the market.
          Now you may think the music industry and Hollywood is making tons of money and they want more. But who are you or I or anyone for that matter get to say someone should only be paid this much?

        • Anonymous says:

          15:57 It’s funny how you say consumer and yet it seems you or the other anon seem very unlikely to be a consumer. So you and your friends aren’t really part of this market you speak of. Seeing as you can’t be a part of the equation, if you aren’t supporting anything.