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Cyber-Tatami: “The Foreigners Will Love This!”


Tatami flooring boasting embedded LED lighting has been wowing many Japanese online with its overpowering cyber-wafuu styling.

Though in Japanese homes tatami are increasingly relegated to a token Japanese style room and seem to be fast disappearing from new apartments, they remain indispensable in more traditional spaces.

This and the rather strong styling has led to no small scepticism amongst actual Japanese as to whether they will catch on, although the general reception seems positive enough:

“The sort of Japan the foreigners will love…”

“Actually they are surprisingly pretty!”

“Total Ghost in the Shell!”

“What is this, the Matrix?”

“Far too cool, can’t imagine sticking a kotatsu on these…”

“Not very relaxing though.”

“Looks like the stage from a fighting game.”

“Wouldn’t mind sleeping on these with a futon.”

“Would love to get these in my place.”

“Could be good in a Japanese style ‘health’ establishment!”

“Taratino will love these.”

“Looks like a scene from an American B-movie.”

“These people don’t understand wabisabi at all, do they?”

“This is total SF!”

“Just make them glow pink and the atmosphere will be rather different…”


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