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HOTD Back in the Grave: Restart “Just a One-off”

highschool_of_the_dead busujima_saeko by satou_shouji

Highschool of the Dead fans are aghast at the news that the much anticipated restart of the manga is actually just a one-off “special publication,” with the time-frame for actual resumption “undetermined.”

The latest announcement states that the publication date of the next chapter is “undecided” (although this does at least suggest it is on the cards) leaving distressed fans to wonder how many years they will have to wait for regular serialisation to resume and how many more years it will take for enough material to sustain a new season to accumulate.


Most of the blame has been placed on the work having “one of those” mangaka – i.e. one whose fascination with eroge or IdolMaster exceeds their interest in their own creations – leaving the future of the series in continued doubt.

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