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Then it’s a good thing she neither of those…
She’s gorgeous.

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  • Electrifying Mikoto Ero-Cosplay by Asakura Kotomi:
    I’d shoot my railgun in her browneye.

  • Triage X Oppai Extravaganza:
    Just because there’s more girls than guys doesn’t make it harem. It’s action and ecchi, like HotD.

  • Triage X Oppai Extravaganza:
    Sorry to tell you but pores, sweat, stretchmarks, gravity, and sagging effect all boobs of any size. It’s all good to me, I don’t know why everyone is so disgusted. If you don’t like all that real stuff then you should be fine with anime boobs that give you all the benefits but remove all the “objectionable” stuff.

  • Shoujo Kyouiku Sexy Hadaka Apron Ero-Anime:
    then there’s possibility that your loli wife might die like in Nabokov’s novel or just like in Clannad.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    Jeez you guys are a tough bunch. Her tits look awesome. Though I admit, I liked it better when she only did non-AV gravure. Those are real, natural, huge breasts, and that’s how real, natural, huge breasts are supposed to be. Sagging isn’t really that big of a deal to me, except in extreme cases which this isn’t (she has volume at least, not like those saggy, long, flat ones). My only complaint about Hitomi Tanaka is that she’s undeniably a butter face… This is why I rather look at Wendy …


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