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17:49 See? And exactly therein lies the problem. You can find someone who does the Electronica side as good as Kanno, someone who does JPop as good as Kanno, someone who does Jazz as good Kanno, someone who does Orchestral as good as Kanno (here you might actually be hard-pressed though), but you’ll never find someone who can do all of them as good as Kanno. Or someone who’s capable to work all those styles into one track like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

SAC’s soundtrack was so fascinating because of the immense variety of genres made to fit with the cyber theme.

The OST’s inferiority is already guaranteed.

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  • Free! Total Tear-Jerker:
    there are less fujoshi that rant about how much they hate k-on than male otaku, you know. All the massive hate I see for K-on comes from men. Fujoshi seem to be a lot better at just ignoring stuff they dont care about. -a fujoshi who loves k-on

  • Free! Total Tear-Jerker:
    hey 2001 called, it wants its shitty unfunny meme back. It wasnt even true then.

  • Love Stage Excessively Dramatic:
    the popularity of F/Z Rider amongst female otaku says otherwise. Then again, Rider is actually a good character, too. These kind of ‘girly men’ are also usually better characters than the shitty male MCs that harem usually have, too.

  • Love Stage Excessively Dramatic:
    To his credit, he apologized massively, and this is one of the few/only times I’ve seen this kind of assault s hown as a negative thing that has to be apologized for in anime. I’ve heard from people who’ve read the manga that he doesnt do anything like that again.

  • Rail Wars! Nopan Security Service:
    If only more ero-anime could be this well animated.


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