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Uhm…I hope you don’t mean every Shaft series to date…because Bakemonogatari, at least, is certainly comprehensible. If you didn’t mean that then good for you :3 If you did then…I dunno what you’ve been watching.

Alternatively, if you didn’t think Bakemonogatari was comprehensible then you might want to solidify your comfort with the english/japanese language as well as associated puns, allusions, and other literary devices, seeing as the author of the originial light novels wrote them to play with language. Otherwise the show makes perfect sense, to me. But that’s just my opinion. I could be insane, I guess?

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    surprised hosei is not in the same CM, getting slapped (while a tank is shot in the background)

  • Girls Und Panzer Film CMs Grapple With Masahiro Chono:
    he’s gonna give you a goddamn slappin’

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    Why can we not just love all the girls *gasper too* i think they are all great and each satisfies different tastes. Also akeno is not a slut she is merely straightforward about wanting the mc’s D wish there was a little more girls like her in anime. Asia satisfies timid shy girl lovers, rias is half akeno and half embarrased type, koneko is loli obviously, gasper is for girls and guys that like crossdressing cuties, i could go on but my thumb hurts bye

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    They get plenty in other animes let us rare guy fans of yaoi and shota/traps have this one thing you damned majority

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    Your name is yuriphoria please die your opinion is invalid the second you like yuri i think guro is less disgusting also gimme a break there are countless anime girls with giant tits they are not special the rarity of shotas and traps is one of their good points you human garbage


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