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I have some problems with that last pic… there are white stains on the icing… if it’s what I instinctively think of… it’s not too hygienic to do that to your cake.
Unless of course it’s just a poorly made piece of icing, in which case I still have a problem with it.

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  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Same as Anon 18:13. I like Keijo, Free, Pico, and others too. But call me fruity for it, and I can break bones like I break wood planks.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Second that. As disgusted as I am with both side of those wankers; being able to cook, clean, sew, knit, first aid, build furnitures, create tools, fix simple machineries and stuff are functioning human skills. It was taught to everyone as kids. WTF is wrong with entitled people these days, and to think they can tell me by law, what fictional entertainment I can or can not watch? F off wankers.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    And they are going to try to mess with VR, VR loid, and real loid when these technologies becomes more common or advanced.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    In anime, Flat is Justice, Volumptuous is Justice, every fictional joshi is Justice. But now they want to F-ing mess with that too.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    F off from this place wanker, at least two or three dozen actual pure anime fans have been jailed, charged, fined, prisoned over adult anime and cartoon characters. Because retards decided they looked kids, even if we are talking about SD of characters.


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