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I’m personally all exited about Rozen Maiden 3.

Is this really going to be the 5th season of Axis Powers Hetalia? Maybe I should get into that…

But what I really should be looking forward to is that Madoka Magica movie.

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  • Show By Rock!! Overflowing With Moe:
    How do you know they don’t make porn under another name? Anyway it seems this one is more about the moe and the music than the fanservice. Unless you count the moe as fanservice.

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  • Top 30 Unknown Anime & Manga You’d Recommend:
    Bonus point for not for including the fucking master piece that is Revolutionary Girl Utena. Also anything that Ikuhara farts is gold, go watch Mawaru Penguindrum preferably without reading spoilers. I’d like to add Rah-Xephon. It’s from the era of the Eva clones, except Rah-Xephon didn¿t try to just be “like eva”. It pretty much tried to school Eva on proper writing and in many ways it succeeds. Also Planetes for the most realistic science fiction anime/movie ever. It makes the movie Gravity …

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    > Hell yeah! I want to have consensual sex with fully developed women in school uniforms again FTFY

  • Ongaku Shoujo Boasts Flirtatious Yuri Action:
    My thoughs exactly. This looks like Sakura Trick with Idols. Definitively relevant to my interests. …I still hurt for a lack of Sakura Trick 2.


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