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Kanai Mika, ftw

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  • The Top 10 Best Manga Conclusions of 2014:
    Claymore had a rather stupid ending.

  • Mevius Final Fantasy Announced – “You Guessed It!”:
    Most people probably don’t even remember what made the orignal great, since.. most people haven’t played it. From 3 onwards it was just that… clusterfuck of modern mass-market-appeal-oriented shit. Without a single exception. But.. mass market still loved pretty much any new incarnation and mistakenly thinks that FF went downhill only after the first title they’ve played, when in reality it went downhill since FFIII. Possibly even II. And I guess someone could make a good point, that the very …

  • Over 100 Artists Recreate FF7′s Brightest Moments:
    Why look all those pictures horrible, though? Isn’t this supposed to be a collaboration of artists, not amateurs?

  • Slave Girl Ena – “Both H and Action”:
    The game you want to be bad at..

  • Furry Convention Stopped by Poison Gas Attack:
    Oh and… >> torture eachoter over who >> has the better [...] god Did you know that rats from different clans kill each other based on the smell? The way they do this is by the whole fucking clan hunting down the one that doesn’t belong and eating away at his life with their small tooths. This process is pretty long. The offender will die from exhaustion before anything else can get to him. They do this just by smell. If you put a rat from clan A into clan B, but shield him from …


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