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100% Agree. Figure is nicely shaped and very attractive. Illustration looks lumpy and poor.

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  • New Game! Quite The Challenge:
    Now that it takes more than 1 hand to count the years since I have been out of College and in the workforce. It is really nice to see an Anime about work. I think for older otaku, this is a great niche that we need to see more of. Love this show so far, great animation, VA’s fit the characters really well, relatable to real life, and most of all, Aoba is so cute!!

  • Kasugano Sora Bikini Cosplay Delectably Flat:
    My Wifu!!!! A rare 3D > 2D version!

  • Riu’s Paper Cut-Out Art An Absolute Marvel:
    I would love to see a timelapse video of one of his creations!!

  • Top 20 Anime OPs Of Spring 2016:
    Completely agree. Aside from the music being ho-hum the art and visual appeal has become too VN like and less Anime like. Look at Maria Holic, Koharu Biyori, Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star. All interesting song and visuals.

  • Toshi Densetsu Frighteningly Sexy:
    Ah finally a hentai with pentako! Will watch and participate.


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