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*raises hands*

I actually like how they ratchet up the plot. So much so that the censorship doesn’t even bother me. If I want b00b33z, I can always read the manga.

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    Failed solipsism is fail. First of all, try convincing a jury that mowing a lawn is just as potentially harmful to a minor as having sex with strangers.

  • NEET Busted For JK Sex Walking:
    Hopefully, you do know that the reason why teenage prostitutes aren’t prosecuted is because you’ll have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they weren’t being exploited in any way. The fact that an adult can entice minors with money in exchange for sex is usually enough to prove exploitation. Hopefully nobody around here is cruel enough to put a girl who has been sex trafficked through another trauma of a prostitution trial.

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    I need help. I read “lotion” as “lolicon” :(

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    >Porn without censor = crime Unless filmed in America and streamed online (c.f. Heyzo)

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