Teachers Sacked for Hot Classroom Sex: “We Got Excited!”


A pair of teachers have lost their jobs for repeatedly having sex in school classrooms, further spicing up their scandalous behaviour with adultery for good measure.

The affair unfolded at an Osaka elementary school, where a 29-year-old teacher became sexually involved with another teacher at the same school, a 28-year-old woman.

By their own admission, on at least three occasions they had sex in the school classrooms, although it was night and no children were present.

They explained that “our passions became inflamed” and they just could not keep their hands off one another, leaving open the question of whether they chose the venue deliberately for other reasons.

The female teacher was single, but her male companion was married, and his wife had spotted their mobile phone activity and become aware of his adulterous liaisons.

She confronted him about the affair, and he then revealed the details of his classroom tryst, at which point she decided to tattle on him to his employers by sending a letter outlining events to the local school board.

After hearing of the scandal, the school board resolved to suspend the pair for 3 months each, but they both helpfully opted to take “voluntary” retirement instead.

Rarely have the affairs of teachers aroused so much sympathy online:

“This is an eroge script, isn’t it?”

“This is the tip of the iceberg. What people really get up to puts mere eroge to shame!”

“This is the ultimate sex situation!”

“At least go to a love hotel…”

“You don’t get it at all, do you?”

“Wasn’t she ashamed to drag the school board into her marriage quarrel?”

“Who cares what they do outside working hours. It’s not like they were doing the kids.”

“The wife is a total moron for obliterating her own source of income…”

“She ruined her chances of wringing compensation out of him in the divorce.”

“She can get compensation out of both of them and divorce him. She probably lost it because of the adultery aspect.”

“The wife just made the two of them unemployed and ruined her own income… total self-destruction!”

“If she has kids, what’ll she do about child support?”

“What was she thinking? She’ll get peanuts from any divorce settlement and just end up as some second-hand divorcee. Does she love her husband enough to have him support her even when he is unemployed?”

“It was revenge.”

“She must have wanted to divorce him. She just humiliated him and cost him his job and his reputation.”

“What a creepy old bitch. She was supervising his mobile the whole time.”

“Honestly, what a fool she was. They could have worked something out privately.”

“How will they explain this to the kids?”

“Well, I guess it just can’t be helped if you got excited.”

“They probably would have got away with it as a bit of youthful indiscretion if not for the adultery aspect.”

“The guy is at fault. Why did he have to confess to doing it in the classroom?”

“Firing them is too harsh, it’s not like they did the students. A temporary pay sanction is more appropriate.”

“They weren’t fired. But they probably had no choice but to retire due to the fuss from the kids and parents.”

“What kind of a marriage did they have where she was looking through his mobile?”

“29 is pretty young, they might have been newly weds – in which case you can imagine the fury of his wife.”

“If you get excited, I suppose it can’t be helped. But don’t get caught by your wife!”

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