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I like his illustrations, but the only thing I’ve always hated about him is the way he illustrates cunts. It’s just so horribly realistic and disgusting looking!

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  • Kyoukai no Rinne PV Unveiled:
    so that’s what she was doing since Inuyasha ended…

  • Heavyweight Idol Group Pottya Rolls on Stage:
    Like I said being ok with your body is one thing but, most people will never know what your actual routine is. They will only look at what you present physically and therein lies the problem. Plus it doesn’t help when you see them shove sweets down their face to promote a song. I’m well aware that that are heavy set people who live perfectly healthy lives. They should be the ones people find out about not an idol group who advertises that being heavy set is a good thing no matter the cost to …

  • Sudsy Sonico Cosplay by Sotsu Kaikin:
    Overall not a bad cosplay but the face is a huge no-no.

  • Elegant Takane Figure:
    nah, already paid for 2 amatsukaze figs. might get this one a little late

  • Elegant Takane Figure:
    thats why you get both this and the beach queen figure for the best of both worlds, it’s worth it even if you have to give up electricity or running water for a month


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