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With all the fighting going on in Africa & the Middle East, I thought the Third World war had already been underway for some time.

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    Someone get that old couch out of the way!

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    The 1st anime I saw was Speed Racer, but I was only 3 and considered it a cartoon just like Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker. I kept that attitude all through Battle of the Planets, Marine Boy, Voltron, Tranzor Z, Star Blazers (even though I read in the ending credits that it came from Space Cruiser Yamato from Tatsunoko), & Robotech. That was all through the 70′s and 80′s. Somewhere between reading a Robotech art book, an anime magazine, & Ninja High School did I realize that I watched …

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    Slay it with your bastard sword & level-up adventurer!

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    @ 03:33 Robotech & Battle of the Planets are anime, they were just “edited” to fit “American sensibilities”. Battle of the Planets had scenes of 7-Zark-7 & 1-Rover-1 drawn in to cover scenes that were cut-out & the dialogue was re-scripted, but the main part of the story was unchanged: 5 kids were tasked with fighting an evil organization trying to take over the world. They just messed with the details a little. Robotech was just 3 different animes with similar animation styles &amp …

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    Ikki Tousen.


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