Japanese in their twenties quizzed on what it is they dread to find in rooms of the opposite sex provide a resounding condemnation of otaku, in the case of women, and gambling chain-smokers, in the case of men…

What women dread in male rooms:

1. Things belonging to a previous girlfriend [28.2%]

2. Moe anime goods and DVDs [27.8%]

3. Cosplay apparel [8.6%]

4. Idol goods and DVDs [5.7%] / Framed pictures of himself [5.7%]

5. Gambling literature [5.4%]

What men dread in female rooms:

1. Cartons of cigarettes [43.5%]

2. Cigars [33.9%]

3. Things belonging to a previous boyfriend [29.1%]

4. Gambling literature [26.2%]

5. Mah-jong paraphernalia

Amongst the men most afflicted by these results there are some rather strained attempts to interpret item number 2 as not including figures, eroge and Comic LO – not that many owners of such items will be entertaining the opposite regularly enough to discover whether this is true.


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