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Eureka was a truly good show. However it ain’t got much to appeal to sick yankers and squeaky fangirls – people who would most likely frequent fan site voting polls – that’s why it ain’t on the list. :/

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    @HouseLife 19:50 Gundam Wing was my first mecha anime I watched as a teen on TV and it was awesome and manly. Even more so when I DLed and re-watched it years ago now that I’m an adult. If you have a fangirl friend who can see gay love EVEN THERE, she’ll be able to see it anywhere so give it a break. Those crazy Jap fujoshis can even interpret kid shows as gay as long as there are male characters in there. But I can somehow relate to this situation. I’ve had a friend making me watch Nightwish’s …

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    ^ :D

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