Top 10 Ways Even a Really Cute Girl Can Ruin Her Looks


Japanese men asked what failings can ruin the looks of even the cutest of girls supply an interesting list of failings in fashion and etiquette…

The ranking:

1. Her nose hair is showing

2. Her table manners are bad

3. She speaks uncouthly

4. She’s sloppy with her time

5. She’s a bad drunk

6. She laughs crudely

7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together

8. Her posture is poor

9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot

10. If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly

At the very bottom of the ranking are such terrible failings as “never wearing any makeup” and “having a low voice,” oddly just the sort of thing many Japanese women seem to regard as most crucial.


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