85%: “Japan Should Possess Nuclear Weapons”


85% of Japanese asked whether Japan should possess nuclear weapons agreed, whilst only 22% believed their American allies would really come to their aid if their nation was threatened.

The results:

1. Should Japan possess nuclear weapons?

Yes: 85%

No: 15%

2. Should there be public debate on the matter?

Yes: 96%

No: 4%

3. In the event of an emergency, do you think the USA would protect Japan?

Yes: 22%

No: 78%

The survey was conducted by Sankei, the most right-wing of Japan’s major rags (in fact it is doubtful the other papers would even allow the topic to be discussed) and although not conducted with the same relative rigour as a telephone opinion poll, its results are nonetheless telling.

Sankei presents some of the comments from respondents:

“Russia, China, North Korea – our nation is surrounded by nuclear powers. At best we can say they are not friendly. Acquiring a deterrent with which to protect our people and territory should be discussed.”

“Why is discussion about this a taboo in Japan? If there was an incident, would the people suppressing debate about it take responsiblity?”

“The time has come for us to consider the US security guarantee. Nuclear arms are required for us to become truly independent. Being dependent on the US for our safety and being constantly treated with contempt by China are both undesirable.”

“We should not have nuclear weapons, we should invest money in conventional forces rather than ones we can never use.”

“America won’t let us have them, and  it will only encourage neighbouring countries to place sanctions on us and increase their own armaments. We should however have a healthy debate on the subject and be ready to acquire nuclear weapons if needed.”

“We should avoid acquiring them. But if the situation with our neighbouring countries remains unchanged, this debate is only going to continue.”

The overt hostility of their neighbours and the notorious duplicity of American foreign policy seems to be persuading many Japanese that the only hope they have for freedom from foreign coercion is a credible deterrent of their own, in the process eroding their carefully constructed victim mentality when it comes to nuclear weapons.

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  • They’d better relax and focus on not starting another war. North Korea is the only country that is truly “not friendly”, and they’ll fuxx themselves soon enough without any external help.

    Russia and China are spending literally hundreds billions of $$ on Japanese products (and vice-versa), and if their governments are willing to give up that trade, well, then we’re all fuxxed (and the US and even EU will definitely at least try to avoid such a conflict)…

  • I am not surprised in the slightest that Japan feels the need to possess nuclear arms. Especially seeing how the Obama administration has dealt with the attack on our allies such as Israel and South Korea. I understand why they feel threatened and a little less safe. However, to say that my country would not come to the aid of Japan in case of an attack is just plain ludicrous. I am in favor of the Japanese having a nuclear arsenal. I don’t think that Japan would misuse a nuclear weapon mainly due to the fact of bearing witness to two nuclear weapons on their own soil.

  • A story about nukes and no Okuu pic?

    Instead of nukes they need long range bombers with very accurate smart weapons and a missile shield.

    A 2000lbs smart bomb dropped in the lap of the leader of the aggressor country would be an effective deterrent.

  • It seems that their history classes are faulty in Japanese schools, as NOBODY IN THE FUCKING HELL KNOWS THAT THIS IS THE EXACT SAME SHIT THAT HAPPENED IN THE COLD WAR!!!

    And why are they afraid of Russia? What do they think it is, the 1960’s?

    And if people would bother to think, they would understand that North Korea had so far only attacked based on assumptions of attack, meaning that they thought South Korea, due to their missile firing near the N-S Korean border, were targeting North Korea with those attacks. Do I believe it? Maybe not, but if it were the other way around, I don’t doubt for a second that all guns will point toward North Korea. They may attack, but as it stands now they aren’t a threat as everyone makes it out to be.

    Everything here smells of ignorance, bias, and lack of good judgment.

  • Stupid.
    Should China ever start a war against Japan, few nuclear warheads would be pointless.
    The world would eventually intervene.
    Also, with so much shithead politicians, the japanese population have to be careful what kinda power they will be letting their government waste money with.

    But it seems lots of people and countries are letting fear dominate their lives.

    I feel really saddened if that statistic is really true. It seems they don’t remember much about history.

    But things are truly pointing towards another cold war. Dunno if we’ll be lucky enough for it to stay cold though.

  • I agree with the Japanese owning nuclear weapons (in fact I almost assumed they had them ) . I also agree with the open debate question , however wether the U.S. would come to Japan’s aid is a huge resounding YES . Perhaps alot of Japanese feel the answer is no since they would like to be more independant and not rely on the U.S. for security so much , which I can understand . However the presence of U.S. troops in Japan is probably the biggest deterent to any kind of serious military moves . So in a sense Japan doesn’t really need nuclear weapons . It’s a almost a case of same difference wether or not they have nuclear weopons so why change it ?

  • World War 2 has been over for 66 years, time to move on. If Japan wants nukes or to rearm themselves let them change the constitution. As a country I would’t want to depend on another country to fight my battles if the shit hits the fan, they may decide not to show up. Why is Japan still paying the U.S. for the “privledge” of having military bases on Japanese soil, especially if they aren’t wanted. I don’t see Germany kissing the U.S.’s ass anymore. I’d rather see Japan as an equal partner and not a U.S. toady. The U.S. has its nose so far up China’s ass right now who knows what they are liable to do? They owe them a ton of money and we all know thats what really makes the world go round. Besides, China would shit its pants and that makes me smile.

    • I would think that if a military presence is made in Japan, NK would be the first to react, prcolaiming that Japan has now became a threat to the region. For some reason, SK would think so also too. China would laugh, and instigate the fire.

      What’s better, is that even if you have a military in Japan, close to none will join it, since we have a great cultural boom called anime.

  • Japan is crazy.

    Russia? China? They did not attack Japan… and why would they? Revenge for WW2? Envy of the Japanese “civilization”?

    North Korea? If they attacked, it will mean that they will drown in nuclear fire, regardless of Japan having nukes or not.

    • China has a reason to go after Japan -especially if the government all the suddenly fans the fire of hatred called Nanking. This card can be also played by the two korean countries. Why Germany can still be independent while Japan is not, is still very unknown, I must agree

  • This poll makes no sense. These are the same people that flipped shit when we switched out out diesel powered aircraft carrier in Yokosuka for a nuclear one and then staged a large protest again when we brought that one home and sent the USS George Washington there in it’s place.

  • Before nuclear weapons were invented, the world’s superpowers such as the German Empire, Great Britain, France etc used dreadnoughts as their political leverage. The country with the most dreadnought class battleships (prior to world war 1) would be the country that has the most political clout to enforce its will. ICBMs and nukes are the new dreadnought, it’s as simple as that. However Japan is not economically self sufficient enough to have nukes. The only reason the Soviets and Americans could get away with it is because the Americans invented them and used them to protect many nations while the Soviets used them to maintain their grip on the nations they influenced.

    Japan has no nation under its influence, it is ultimately a satellite nation of the united states and is part of its nuclear umbrella. Also America is bound by treaty to defend Japan, if Japan was attacked the United States MUST defend it, to not do so is a violation of American law and would result in a massive scandal. Any American who refused to act on treaty obligations would be impeached immediately. But there won’t be a war because all the parties involved are too economically co-dependent on each other.

  • You guys are missing the point. No sane government acquires nukes because they want to actively use them in some kind of war. The purpose of a nuclear weapon is to give your nation political leverage. The whole point of having nukes is that you don’t have to use them in the first place.

    When you have nuclear weapons a country is less likely to attack you or push you around. I am completely neutral about my opinions regarding Indo-Pakistani conflicts but had Pakistan never obtained nuclear weapons India would’ve dealt with them a long time ago. Nukes assure your nation’s sovereignty and allow you to have greater clout on the table.

    I argue that nukes have saved far more lives since 1945 than they have taken. They saved lives in Europe, they saved lives in the Soviet Union, they ensured large nations could never go to far.

    Japan is a lot like Western Europe in the sense that no conventional military force could have defended against a Soviet invasion. NATO had kept Russia out of Western Europe throughout the cold war because of the threat of nuclear attack, they had nukes targetted at every soviet city and effectively held the soviet people at gunpoint and the soviet union did the same to the Americans. Arming Japan with nukes allows Japan to hold the Chinese people and their industrial capacity at gunpoint. It’s only fair given how many missiles china has aimed at Japan right now. Japan is close enough that there would be very little time for the Chinese to respond to a sudden nuclear attack.

    The disadvantage unfortunately is that if Japan acquired nukes it would likely result in trade sanctions from China and thus would not be economically feasible for Japan. At the moment it doesn’t make ECONOMIC sense for Japan to get nukes because of it’s economic co-dependence on China which would end if they moved to nuclear armament.

    • One of the reasons why the west was able to economically prosper while the soviet union effectively went bankrupt was because the west did not spend too much money on keeping high troop concentrations and massive stockpiles of materiel and arms. They relied on nuclear deterrent to keep the Soviet Union away from becoming directly involved in battles.

      In the event of a US withdrawal from the Japanese security treaty, Japan could maintain its present military size and build nuclear weapons and still maintain its independence. It would be far more economically feasible than building a massive army.

      I really strongly believe Japan needs to repeal article 9 because at the moment it’s like dropping a 12 yr old suburban white kid into the ghetto given the political climate. AS long as the communists run China, China is a threat to the security of Japan and Asia. China never had a chance to play the imperialism game and they are trying to play it now, about 100 years too late.

  • Possessing nuclear weapons will not help. It only causes more tension.

    And being the only country to receive the wrath of a nuclear attack, why in the world would you consider having these massive destroyers? Japan surely didn’t learn their lesson then.

  • PonySlaystation says:

    WHY THE HELL DO THEY WANT NUCLEAR WEAPONS AT THIS STAGE!!! is stupidity of countries with nukes contagious or are there so much mercury in their head, they went out of their minds?!

    Nuclear weapons is not going to solve anything, it’ll only cause uneasiness to your enemies and allies. It’s a bad idea either to counter attack or as primitive attack …ALOTS of civilians are going to be killed among the strikes.

    If they think of using it to protect their civilians by striking first, they are gonna kill innocent civillians that the other country wants to protect, that’s just been selfish. and i hope they’ve heard of something called M.A.D. (mutual assured destruction) They arent going to be unharmed using them…

  • It seem radiation must effect there generation as well to believe that idea.Okay you think the US should give you a fucking nukes here you go. Oh by the way, China has a nuke as well because the Russians thought it would be a cool idea to give it to China and copy US Technology to make kick ass missiles.Oh wait, China sold it to Pakistan and fucking use it anyways like a child firing a loaded weapon but at a mountain?

    I guess stealing from the US wasn’t enough to give North Korea a nuke we might as well let Japan have nukes as well congratulations Japan you own your very own Nukes and will forever be the one of many country’s to have a nuke pointed at your country not just two bombs but more then enough bombs to kill your whole country of the Great Empire of Japan.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Don’t think it is a good idea to let Japan have nukes, considering the country is ran by a bunch of idiotic leaders and politicians that thinks the anime and manga ban is the right thing to do.

    With their twisted logic, god knows what they would do if they had nukes in their hands. Wouldn’t be surprised if they start nuking first base on some self-justifying reasoning and logic.

  • Japanese are crazy. they joined forces with Nazi in the past, u never know what they will do in the future.
    japan is safe from being nuked because they don’t have any, however if they had nukes and they went to war other nations, those nations would nuke them knowing japan could use them too.
    and the fact that japan is such a small country there will be no where to hide from a nuke.

  • I don’t know if the U.S. would actually want to retaliate with nukes if Japan gets nuked by China. I think there would be a push by many in the US to use conventional forces instead. Much less controversial. Also, less civilian casualties.

  • HA! Nippon is still in the last century with them nuclear wana wanas, since them billions on the other side of the west side of the pond is developing NEUTRON BOMBS courtesy of AMERICAN research happily given over to them with ALL notes and the few living researchers to boot! I gotta thank them dumb ass demorats trying their best the fellatio all them dictators starting with our newest shame obamarama presidente~ so soon all they need to do is explode one megaton over tokyo and BAMB! and ENTIRE CITY empty of life in a second with little to no residual radiation!

    • We gave them the Neutron bomb information (though far less than you claim) because it was felt fine to get them a olive branch weapon of something that we spent 12 billion dollars and 20 years working on and still couldn’t get the thing to work. We assumed and so far have been right that they can’t either.

  • Of course the US would help them, it’s in the post-World War II Security Treaty. Japan’s only keeps a small self defense force (basically a national guard) and in return America would step in if there’s a conflict. It’s why there’s a god damn base in Okinawa.

  • A non-scientific poll by a right-wing nationalist rag. The conclusions made are idiotic. Japan is the only pacific counterbalance to china as a regional economic power. It is in the Americans’ best interest to come to Japan’s aid should China give up its obsession with prosperity and return to Maoist campaigns of conquest (overt or by proxy). It’s probably true that the US would be less willing to come to the aid of Taiwan, but the economic, political, and strategic relationship between Japan and the US is second only to South Korea.

    Japan only really need be concerned if the South Korea abandons the 38th in favour of a Mongol-style invasion.

  • Screw nukes for war. The world’s energy is dying (coal, the main electricity generator is running out), use those nukes for something more useful instead, like NUKE REACTOR.

    Instead of devastating the world for fucking stupid reasons, learn to save the world. Fucking morons talk about peace and other shit daily while manufacturing their idiotic nukes. Every single fucking top researcher has came up with conclusion that if electricity were to run out suddenly, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL PLUNGE BACK TO THE DARK AGE, that said, which means we’ll be back to cave-man mentality. So instead of launching and devastating everything, killing everything, destroying everything, at least try to save the world.

    Fuck nuke weapons. Cowards. Real man bring a sword to a gunfight.

  • Only 22% believe the USA will help Japan if Japan is threatened. Well let’s see here…

    US Installations in Japan:

    Air Force:

    * Camp Chitose, Chitose, Hokkaido
    * Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Kadena Ammunition Storage Area, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Okuma Recreational Facility, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Yaedake Communication Site, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Misawa Air Base, Aomori Prefecture
    * Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo
    * Fuchu Communications Station, Fuchu, Tokyo
    * Tama Service Annex, Inagi, Tokyo
    * Yugi Communication Site, Hachioji, Tokyo
    * Camp Asaka AFN Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
    * Tokorozawa Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
    * Owada Communication Site, Saitama Prefecture


    * Fort Buckner, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Army POL Depots, Okinawa Prefecture
    * White Beach Area, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Naha Port, Okinawa Prefecture (return after relocation to the Urasoe Pier area)
    * Torii Station, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Tengan Pier, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Camp Zama, Zama, Kanagawa
    * Yokohama North Dock, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Sagami General Depot, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
    * Sagamihara Housing Area, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
    * Akizuki Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
    * Hiro Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
    * Kawakami Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
    * Hardy Barracks, Minato, Tokyo

    Marine Corps:

    * Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefectures. (Although these camps are dispersed throughout Okinawa and the rest of Japan they are all under the heading of Camp Smedley D. Butler):
    o Camp McTureous, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Courtney, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Foster, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Kinser, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Hansen, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Schwab, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Camp Gonsalves (Jungle Warfare Training Center), Okinawa Prefecture
    o Kin Blue Beach Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture
    o Kin Red Beach Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture
    o NSGA Hanza
    o Higashionna Ammunition Storage Point II
    o Henoko Ordnance Ammunition Depot
    * Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa Prefecture (return after the MCAS Futenma relocates to Camp Schwab)
    * Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
    * Camp Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture
    * Numazu Training Area, Shizuoka Prefecture
    * Ie Jima Auxiliary Airfield, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Tsuken Jima Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture


    * Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Ayase, Kanagawa
    * United States Fleet Activities Sasebo, Sasebo, Nagasaki
    * United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    * Urago Ammunition Depot, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Tsurumi POL Depot, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Naval Housing Annex Negishi, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Naval Transmitter Station Totsuka, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Naval Support Facility Kamiseya, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Tomioka Storage Area, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    * Naval Housing Annex Ikego, Zushi, Kanagawa
    * White Beach Area, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Camp Shields, Okinawa Prefecture
    * Camp Lester, Okinawa Prefecture (return after the Naval Hospital relocates to Camp Foster)
    * Awase Communication Station, Okinawa Prefecture

    I’m pretty sure an attack on Japan will be an attack on the USA. The only time the USA wouldn’t help Japan is if they kick all US forces out of Japan, like they are trying to do.

    • Thank you. I don’t think people realize how important having a presence near another superpower country is. I was stationed at Kadena afb for a couple years and none of the installations look readily able to abandon all hope. If China did nuke Japan you can expect a solid reaction from the U.S. There are way too many souls committed over there for the homeland to let them go without a fight.

      As for Japan owning a nuclear weapon for intimidation/payback. I sincerely believe it’ll only attract more hostility.

      The Japanese public can believe what they want about U.S. military and their commitment, but like our own nation- the only information they can base their opinion off of is their own media (e.g. U.S. marine rapes Japanese girl case eclipsing old Japanese man raping several young girls). Despite all this I believe whole-heartedly we as a nation would hone up to our protectorate title.

      • You aren’t a politician. (And that’s a big compliment:) Because a politician would realise that a couple o’ thousand dead marines is a fair price to pay for not getting the west coast nuked. If China starts walking over Japan, the US will evacuate as many troops as they can, and let happen whatever happens.
        Maybe, if the president were feeling particularly cowboyesque, he might have them fight back. But only as long as the opposing forces weren’t too great and China were to refrain from using nukes.

        • Your also assuming Russia would get in the fray which is a massive if considering their past and current position with china and N. Korea. After all their the only country in the region capable of reaching N.A. with nuclear weapons and I think you find there are enough people in the United states that believe our vow is worth any price that the politicians could be swayed.

        • You seem to forget which country has the most nukes. It’s not China and it’s not Russia. Not just the most numerically, but the most powerful, the most precise, and the most advantageously located.

          You can’t rule the world if you’re dead.

  • The truth is that there will be no war. China, Japan, and the US all have dependent economies. A war between the three would devastate their economies.

    So many US companies depend on China for manufacturing of goods and China holds a lot of their foreign debt. 40 cents out of every US dollar is borrowed overseas. Japan, like the US, has manufacturing done in China as well. They also depend on China for natural resources like rare earths which are important for manufacturing electronics that Japan is known for.

    China may not have a good navy, but they don’t need one. All they have to do is wait for Japan and US to spend themselves into oblivion and they’ll come crying back to China for a bailout. Then say goodbye to sovereignty, Japan and US.

    • Heck, NK trying to invade SK might start WWIII. And if China tried to invade Taiwan, that might do it, too (that one is more iffy today than previously, though).

      It’s amusing that even when we invade countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, that people somehow think we’ll just let major trading partners, political and strategic allies to be attacked. It’s kind of sad, too, I guess, that people think we’re so spineless. Oh well.

  • America would unconditionally back Japan. Don’t be dumb.
    If China were to legitimately invade Diaoyu Island, the USS George Washington would already be off the coast of Shanghai. Do not doubt that for an instant.

    The same follows for the Americans and North Korea.

    • dont be stupid.

      The US wont attack China over some disputed rocks, claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan all together.

      Sure, they would defend it, but not at all costs, and not outside its maritime boundaries.

      An Invasion of Japan, would also not trigger WWIII. It’s just not worth the lost of the entire west-coast, to defend Japan from China or anyone else.

      WWIII will only happen, when the US is threatened in their own existence. Not by losing one of its proxies.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    Forget nukes, build bipedal weapon platforms for the JGSDF, like something out of Steel Battalion! In fact, get Junji Ohkubo to design the things.

    On a more realistic and related note, I’m currently reading Tom Clancy’s ‘Debt of Honor’, which is a book in which, basically, Japan is going to go to war with the US.

    The US and Russia just finished destroying the last of their nukes, while Japan covertly tests their first ballistic missile and warhead re-entry under the guise of a failed satellite launch.

    Meanwhile, in the background, the head of a zaibatsu (Who I believe was responsible for the nuke test, as part of his plan to ‘restore his nation to greatness’) is gearing up to wage a financial war on the US, but some particularly horrific deaths caused by a Japanese manufacturing defect has pushed the already strained Japan/US trade relations to the breaking point and some serious economic shit is about to hit the fan.

    This is actually the first time I’ve read Tom Clancy (I wanted to start with an earlier book, but they’re all packed away somewhere) but I really love the way he writes all these completely diverse threads that start to slowly impact each other until the whole thing is cinched together. I can’t wait to see what happens next. :3

    But yeah, I think Japan should have nukes. Pretty much everyone out there that is liable to mess with them has nukes, it’s questionable whether the US would be willing or able to help, and they deserve to be able to defend their national sovereignty just as much as everyone else. Is there the possibility they could be misused? Shit yes. But that goes for everyone else that has them as well. (Not just places like North Korea and Iran!)

  • Japan has the resources and technology to build nukes very quickly should tensions escalate enough to justify their use as a deterrent.

    The fact of the matter is that the Cold War would’ve gone hot long ago if it wasn’t for nuclear weapons acting as a deterrent. The US and NATO simply did not have the resources necessary to defend Western Europe from soviet invasion. They didn’t have the troops, tanks, or numbers to stop a soviet invasion.

    It is my opinion that while nukes are a threat to the safety of our world they have saved far more lives in the arsenals of the soviet union and america than they threatened. Even without nukes a cold war gone hot would’ve been a global disaster that would’ve halted the incredible economic and social progress we’ve since 1945 to the late 1990s.

    • I agree. The fact of the matter is that nuclear weapons exist and anyone who is able to have them is going to find a way to get them. They aren’t meant to be even used anymore. They’re just used as bargaining chips in superpower negotiations. For instance with the las US v Russia arms agreement both sides limited themselves to x amount of nukes and x amount of launchers. Both of which number over the thousands. The absolute destruction that would ensue if either side fire is so mind bogglingly massive that its incomprehensible.

  • They’re right about that.

    The US won’t come to Japan’s aide if it means pissing off the Chinese.

    Japan would need to defend itself. As of now, if China makes an offensive they’ll roll over and die.

  • The Japanese can try it.
    Let them have nuclear weapons, because it wont protect them from total destruction anyway.

    Japan, as a small, densely populated island-nation, wont survive just one modern multi-megaton, or several MIRV’ed multi-kiloton nukes, detonating at their urban areas.
    Just like Israel, they are a ‘one-nuke-and-dead’ country.

    China and Russia on the other hand, are very very resilent. Big nations could take several nukes, even at their population centres, and nothing will happen to them.
    The Chinese will evacuate everyone who matters to their giant “underground great wall”, which is a large underground shelter-network specially designed to protect from nuclear war, and Russia, well, Russia is so big, one thousand nukes wont force them to the knees.
    Meanwhile, China will just fucking nuke Japan to the bottom of the sea, turn its entire population into glas, and erradicate the very existence called ‘Japan’, with just a couple of nuclear warheads.
    Japan may be mountainous, but nuking the population centers, will immediately take out a large portion of its people.

    So, in this sense, Japan should just have their nukes. Let the children play around with it a bit, and then realize, that they cannot do shit with them, because their nation just has too low HP.

    • Totally agree with you on this on. Asking public opinion on military affairs? Please~ This survey is just some sort of troll, just on a larger scale. It is probably got more to do with internal politics snubbing than the overall welfare of the countries. Leave this poll to the trash bin because it is the same as asking 3year old kids whether they should get tanks and bombers for their garage. “I want one cause I bet my classmates have one too~”… Pointless…

    • It’s not that Japan could use their nukes anyway, just because China attempts to break through their island chains into the western pacific…

      China wont invade or attack Japan anytime soon, so nuclear deterrent against an attack that wont happen anyway, is useless.

      And weaboos who think Japan would risk nuclear war with China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu-Islands, should shoot themselves in the head.
      Japan or China wont ever even shoot a single shot over territorial disputes. It’s just not worth it.

      People who think about Japan has any uses for nukes, are either total right-wing nutjobs and racists, who want to revive GRORIOUS NIPPON and the east-asian co-prosperity sphere including genociding Koreans and Chinese, or are just delusional weaboos who doesent understand jackshit about military affairs.

    • Countries may in a sense just be the political representatives of millions or billions of people, but if China drops a nuke on Japan all the millions of Chinese who were against it (and that’s probably an optimistic estimate anyway) won’t matter. And if the US does[n’t] do something about China, all the millions who were against that decision similarly don’t matter. And the opinions of the innocent dead Japanese matter least of all.

  • “America won’t let us have them” The United Nation’s is NOT America. And no, the United Nations is not led by the American President or any american for that matter right now. The Secretary-General of the United Nations is Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea.

    And why would Japan find themselves on the end of needing a nuke ? For what threat ? Granted there is quite a bit of tensions as of late, but nothing that mandates the need of Nuclear power. If such a thing were to come up, the United Nations will have some sort of intervention.

    Anyways, my point is, is that it’s the UN’s decision, not just Americas. And there is enough to worry about with N. Korea

  • here we are again… more nukes, bah!
    as it is the total amount of nukes could destroy the earth seval times, at this rate every contry will have nukes in 2200.

    I for one wouldt rather not see that happen..

  • America has no say in what Japan should and should not have in their own country. America is a very brutish and bullying nation of idiots who think they rule the world. Many other countries out there see America as a barbaric and imperialstic and socialist nation.

  • They should do it.

    America is collapsing anyway. So even if (and that’s a monstrous “IF”) Washington was in favor of aiding Japan against an armed incursion for whatever geopolitical reasons, we would be in no condition to do anything other than initiate a worldwide nuclear holocaust.

    Do it.

  • I highly question how much of a deterrence this would be. Japan getting nukes would just motivate countries like China, North Korea and Russia to increase their aggression and focus it towards Japan. Ultimately it just adds another necessary threat to this fucked up world.

    Besides, any country that argues “others have nuclear missiles, we should to” is basically saying “if their government exterminates our civilians, we will do the same to theirs.” That type of Cold War mentality shouldn’t even exist among civilized people of today’s world.

  • I don’t think Japan should have nukes. Due to history of the country, any sort of “aggressive” weaponry such as nukes will only further tensions in the area. Right now the only country openly hostile is N. Korea, and I highly doubt Japan having nukes would act as a deterrent. Hell, I don’t think anything can deter N. Korea from anything. He’s just that insane. He probably won’t give two shits if his country is nuked.

    As for China, having nukes will only create bigger resentment and aggressiveness on China’s part. Remember, it was japan that launched a pre-emptive war against China.

  • You know they made some reasonable comments they do need a debate.

    Having nukes when you have three nuclear power neighbours just seems inevitable. Gotta admit North Korea and China are strongly alligned and Russia is aligned somewhat.

    That and I agree with Japan needing a better military defense

    • I doubt fucking china senseless like in Nanjing would be better, so what are you getting at?

      Should they sanction the world? With WHAT?
      Politics? Whoa, bullshit. Never ignored someone? Politicians are expert /ignore;ers. Avkward stuff gets the earplug-treatment.
      Weapons? Well…try ignoring a bullet to the head. I don’t have the balls to do so….

  • Wow. I’m surprised. Knowing how dangerous Nukes are and having experienced the only 2 attacks in history (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki), I would think that they would be reticent to add arms proliferation to their litany of troubles!

    • True but remember they experienced nukes dropped on them because they could not fight back. You think the USA would have dropped the nukes on them even back then if they could retaliate. Not likely.

      So though it may not be the best thing for them to do it does make sense if they want to deter a future that may come. What is that future, well a possible fall of the US power in the region. When your thinking nukes and regional politics you have to project out to a decade or more and think will a country so divided and spouting anti intellectualism like the US be stable enough to come to a real fight.
      I can see why people would want a few dozen nukes just incase.

      Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    • Of course we’d come to their aid, it would give us an excuse and the “backbone for allies” so we could take care of our only obstacle left in the world, China.

      But in that same vein, we don’t even let Japan even have a real military still, they have no say in the matter and will not be allowed to have them.

      • That is not entirely untrue the Japanese Defense forces as it stands now could defeat a attempted invasion by either china or N. Korea. Also it’s important to not it’s only 3 more years before the USA removes all remaining restrictions on the JDF and fully returns control of the military forces of japan to the nation it self.

    • Japan tends to fail at learning from the past, like any nation full of hubris.

      The price for going nuclear is often higher than the security it can buy.

      In any case, I think it’s foolish to want to arm a country with nuclear weapons today. Short of raising international tensions, it really doesn’t do much. Considering the nuclear bomb was stockpiled en-amass during the cold war, wanting to arm a nation with some now is like attempting to revive the same scenario.

    • Isn’t that the main problem with all this? Being a nuclear nation comes with a fairly large set of problems, and at this point unless Japan is willing to build a massive arsenal they’ve got a weapon that’s too terrible to be used but useless as a deterrent. They’re better off just bolstering their ties with countries that already have a large nuclear stockpile and try to stop beefin’ with China.

    • I think having been the nation which experienced the only two nuclear attacks in history would make them amongst the most responsible owners of them.

      They understand the terrifying amount of damage that these things could inflict, especially in terms of human cost and collateral damage. In addition I’d say that Japan is probably among the most responsible nations when in the grand scheme of things.

      To try to make an analogy, it would be like giving a kid who’d been burned before a lighter and saying “be careful with this and only use it if you need to”, whereas North Korea having nukes is like giving an 8 year old attention deficit pyromaniac w/ a streak of compulsive lying a bunch of fireworks and all the tools to set them off and then leaving them unsupervised.

      Which would you trust more in that situation?

    • You know if japan starts arming themself it will only gives china north korea more reason to arms themself with more powerful weapon as you know what happens in WWII.

      Before you know it next china will wage war against japan because of that same reason.

    • 1. Should Japan possess nuclear weapons?

      Yes: 85%

      No: 15%

      2. Should there be public debate on the matter?

      Yes: 96%

      No: 4%

      3. In the event of an emergency, do you think the USA would protect Japan?

      Yes: 22%

      No: 78%

      well there you have it folks they don’t need the U.S. over there

      (Japan gets occupied by China 6 months after U.S. troops pull out this in-turn leads to a nuclear war on the asian pacific)

      • Unsung,

        Don’t worry. I don’t know what their polling methodology was, but I doubt it was remotely objective.

        China wouldn’t directly attack Japan, anyway. They’d let their rabid dog NK do it, and we would not allow that to happen. We keep our Pacific Fleet headquarters in Japan for a reason, after all.

        If China ever moved into a position where an attack on Japan was likely (this isn’t something that they could disguise from us), then we’d build up our presence there as well. Our navy is still way better than China’s navy, and will be for the forseeable future.

        As for a nuclear strike: the first country that resorts to that is going to be in a world of hurt: the rest of the world wouldn’t stand for an offensive use of nuclear bombs — what we used on Japan was an *atomic* warhead; the strategic nukes of today are way, WAY more powerful than that.

        All in all, this is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. A right-leaning newspaper trying to stir up jingoism, IMO. It’s nothing to worry about.

        • The USA projections for a amphibious invasion of Japan came in at a total of more than three and a half million Japanese soldiers and civilians and more than one and a half million American service men so yes I would have to agree with US cent. Com. in that a few ten thousand dead civilians was a light price to pay, But I suppose I’ll leave it to your vaulted opinion that we could have just did to japan what we did to islands leading to japan.

        • Tuor,

          A bit of a one sided argument.

          Firstly, the Pacific Fleet is in the Asian region mainly for America’s own interests. The U.S. (like any other nation) will put their own interests ahead of others.

          – “If China ever moved into a position where an attack on Japan was likely”

          Can you provide an example where China has moved their military towards Japan? Can you provide any examples of global powers fighting a war since WW2 even?

          – “As for a nuclear strike: the first country that resorts to that is going to be in a world of hurt: the rest of the world wouldn’t stand for an offensive use of nuclear bombs.”

          A bit of contadiction there. I don’t remember U.S. being in a world of hurt after using an atomic bomb. Possibly something to do with them possessing the biggest gun?

          – “what we used on Japan was an *atomic* warhead; the strategic nukes of today are way, WAY more powerful than that.”

          That’s your rationale for nuking so many innocent civilians?! So let’s say if we were to obtain more sophisticated weaponary in future, then what would stop the U.S. using this reasoning again for today’s Strategic Missiles?

      • It’s not like the Japanese ever wanted US troops over there either, it’s the US that doesn’t want to pull out due to its interests in the region.

        And Japan isn’t quite in the same position as South Korea where they love Americans for keeping Evildoer Korea at bay.

    • I would want to have them too if I had North Korea and China as neighbours. But I think opinions 4 and 5 are quite prudent.

      It seems to me that having nuclear weapons would only cause them more trouble than they’re worth. Were Japan to be attacked, nukes could only be used as retaliation and not as a defensive measure. In such a scenario, it becomes too easy to think “I’m just one red button away from getting payback”.

    • and they certainly will not forget about hiroshima and nagasaki any time soon…
      however, if somebody smacks you over your skull with a plank you will probably dislike planks and still want your own for when the next plank wielding dude comes around – especially when he lives right across the street and makes no effort hiding that he hates your skull more than anybody else

    • Having been nuked, Japan is in the unique position of knowing what can happen when your opponents have nukes and you don’t. Japan was completely helpless and its conventional forces were no use at all when their enemy was able to destroy whole cities with a single bomb.

      There’s no way the US would have nuked Japan if the Japanese could have returned fire. China would be a little more hesitant to mess with them if they had nukes and we’ve seen how the Russians are much more diplomatic when they know the other side can defend themselves.

      NK is a loose cannon, but there really isn’t anything that can be done about them. The regime probably doesn’t have much time left, anyway.

    • I think that, instead of acuqiring nukes, the money and huge effort should be invested in developing an effective counter measure against nukes, with obligatory secrecy, of corse.

      The modern technology allows wonders, I’m pretty confident their brilliant minds can come up with a sure way of intercepting incoming nuke missiles.

      • Good point. They are still asking for trouble though…China and North Korea would not just sit back and “let” Japan become a nuclear power. Also, with the way the Japanese government has reacted (i.e. spinelessly) to the whole Senkaku affair, I don’t even think that possessing nuclear weapons would make the government more bold or courageous in their international dealings.

      • I agree they deserve nukes,but the minute nukes are involved I think the US would help,I mean its a world problem after all.I think they should get some form of military,but nukes are always a last resort(against aliens or possibly demons).

      • As a strategic base yes the US would most likely get involved and as for nukes you think our nuclear subs aren’t already in that part of the world. whales aren’t the only thing in the sea of Japan

        • The only reason USA would protect Japan is because Japan’s basically the USA’s meatshields for those eastern superpowers. If they get a foothold on Japan then the only thing in the way would be the vast ocean.

        • USA would jump in and protect Japan in no time flat. There aren’t many places we would do that for, but Japan is definitely one of them. The others include England, Canada, probably Taiwan, probably France, probably South Korea, and probably Mexico if it was a real war (not just some drug cartel stuff)

        • Don’t even try to imply that the U.S. would even for a half a second think about using nukes. Japan is not worth having China make large holes in the U.S.A. The war would be conventional.

          Also a strategic base that is two feet from a superpower and an ocean away from your own forces quickly changes it’s relative strategic value.

          The U.S.A. getting involved in a shooting match with China directly over Japan is as I say nothing more then a coin flip.

          If China attacked today the general population of the U.S.A. would never support it and the fact of the matter is that the U.S. military is in no shape to hop into a war of the scale that it would be with China atm.

      • It’s like Japan is being sheltered under a heavy downpour(its troubles with its neighbors) with a paper umbrella(which represents the protection offered by the US).
        The umbrella is slowly crumbling under the pressure of the rain water and that Japan may soon want an umbrella of its own.

        • And that’s not how it works either.

          The economy of the world today is a Mexican standoff, where everyone is still polite and cheerful. The United States owes more than FOURTY TIMES the TARP value in debt, and China is the largest single holder of it, but Japan is still #2..

          If China ever called in that debt, they could bankrupt the United States… but all the US has to do is default on it, like most South American countries did/have done several times in the last 30 years. The United States is also China’s largest MARKET for all the shit it pumps out, by about a 30% margin. By defaulting, they throw a quarter of China’s wealthy little fascists out of work too.. and THAT’S what the Communist Party fears most – as Hu Jintao said, what frightens him the most in the world is the necessity to create 10% more jobs every year.

          Unemployed illiterate chinks are angry, shiftless, revolutionary chinks.

        • Alidan, that’s not how it works. If America is in debt to China 1 to 2 trillion and the American government dicks around, China, as the largest owner of American debt, will say give me that money immediately. That effectively fucks the American economy entirely and may cause some awful shit-storm global-economic chain reaction. If all those banks that were bailed out were “too big to fail”, what do you think happens when the American government has to repay more than double the money it used for TARP immediately? Even if the American government refuses to pay the debt, that basically fucks the entire global economy since that statement will influence the economies of all of America’s other major debt holders which will fuck the global economy up.

        • another thing to consider is china’s reaction to them obtaining it , i don’t see them letting anyone have leverage against them.

          and though i’m sure it wouldn’t happen if u.s. does have to go to war against china they would be absolving any obligation to pay back that debt, and we all now what we will do for money.

        • well lets see here.

          america is in debt to china, what 1 or 2 trillion, if china wants to ever see that, they cant openly attack a good nation.

          china wants a piss ass island, with next to no redeeming qualities. should the us attack them for something relitivly minor?

          now here is a truth, if japan was ever hit with a nuke, there is about a 10% chance that they wouldn’t be able to fire the nuke back, for something that would gain alot of hate. i mean is japan smart enough to use the nuke right?

          and a flip of a coin? america would have to move all its plants over to india, and unless there was anything short of an real invasion or war between the two, america wont get involved.

        • “It’s like Japan is being sheltered under a heavy downpour with a paper umbrella.
          The umbrella is slowly crumbling under the pressure of the rain water and that Japan may soon want an umbrella of its own.”

          Sadly, The last monsoon was caused by Japan, in which they savagely beat their neighbors with it’s umbrella. Then America and the rest of the world said they’re not allowed to have umbrellas anymore.
          Because that’s what happens when you’re a total dick to people, then get bitch-slapped. People give you a golden shower.

        • They should have them i supose considering how close to china they are and their dislike for eachother for that matter north korea aswell…as to wether or not america would help them if the were attacked i think it would depend on who
          North Korea america definetly would
          China i doubt it
          Russia unlikley.
          The only other one i could se america jumping in to attack would be iran but i doubt iran would attack japan.

        • The real problem is that the economic ties America has with China is pretty strong. Trying to siphon all the companies and investments out of China in a fortnight is next to impossible simply because there is too much that could be saved. The debt is just the icing on the cake. The point is that both sides will suffer immediately from reckless moves.

        • anon@2:54

          america would not go to war? are you serious? although it is not an image we americans like, it is that we are war mongers. i think america would use any excuse to conquer china and as a truce they would excuse our staggering debt.


          just because you would be afraid or too selfish to help another in need after giving your word to help, i don’t think america would back out of our agreement.

          i don’t think that something could be worked out with diplomacy, but it would be worth a shot, just to save lives on all 3 fronts.

  • NUKES NUKES AND MORE NUKES Seriously if every country in the world possess nukes all hell is gonna break loose. Sure its a good energy source but at the same time its a dangerous one seeing how North Korea isn’t using any for energy only warfare China I don’t know much about it but it’s safe to say its the same as North Korea, and Russia well they were the second country to develop nuclear power but I wouldn’t worry much. And don’t say anything about the U.N. since they’re useless in many ways trying to maintain world order…..ye right all they do is try to talk countries out of what they’re trying to do and look at where that’s gotten North Korea. Not trying to be realistic or in this case unrealistic but somebody should start working on an anti-nuclear device neutralizing it, and yes I know I got it from GSD hell its similar to what I remember hearing what “I don’t remember who” but they got the idea of using solar energy from the G00 series. Now back on topic I don’t know whether the chances Japan will get attacked is high right now or whether the U.S. will intervene since we are a pretty much hated country and yes most American’s will admit that, but if we don’t intervene we’ll have a bad history record ahead and I wouldn’t be surprised if a coup’detat(sorry don’t know how to spell it) would take place in Japan or United States in the future. It’s like the biggest threat are common shit the world just talks about but when it comes to something like oh I don’t know the Senkaku Islands they make such a big fuss over it. United States being in debt to China not a surprised it was George W. Bush that led the U.S. back into debt with his “Iraq possessing nuclear weapons” which they didn’t….and now Barrack Obama……seeing how that’s going he’s just as bad as George W. Bush. Then there’s Iran I believe that’s starting up their own nuclear program for energy to rebuild their country which the U.N. is still discussing about whether they’ll only use it for energy or use it to start another war but I MEAN COME ON EARTH ALREADY HAD ENOUGH WARS THROUGHOUT HISTORY AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE COUNTRIES THEY BREAK AS IN GOVERNMENT; Greece, Rome, Troy(Trojan Horse should’ve burned it instead…), Alexander…yes I know but disputes inside Alexander’s generals, going up to the American Revolution…oh a good one when the USSR or Soviet Union back then was gonna claim on of the Middle Eastern countries forgot the reason but the U.S. intervened gave them weapons and what happened they rebelled against the U.S. and got them to where they are today saying something about beliefs I forgot what exactly but what I’m trying to say is ONCE WE GIVE JAPAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS WE DON’T KNOW WHEN THEY’LL REBEL or wipe themselves off the face of the earth. Instead of the world looking at Iran starting up its own nuclear program they should be more focused on whats happening in Asia but nooo they’re too busy with shit in the Middle East. I know some of what I said was off topic but still “we” as in humanity on earth should be looking for a new more efficient and safe energy source rather than something that can be used to start a war. Still more to write but I’m starting to get off topic….