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I’ll admit, I never thought it would even remotely get this far. How dumb and worthless do the people running the publishing companies have to be to let it happen?

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  • Comiket 85 Day 2 Cosplayers Impervious To Cold:
    Thanks. I’d like to know that as well. She is a hottie.

  • Comiket 85 Day 2 Cosplayers Impervious To Cold:
    Who is the character that the girl in first images is cosplaying?

  • Battle of 2D vs 3D Fiercer Than Ever:
    As I understand it, it is supposed to prove that 2D can make a 3D image look better, but they have yet to prove that point even with all of the artistic liberties they take. Some of the 2D I like better than the 3D, just because I don’t like the source image, but for most I’m indifferent or leaning towards 3D. That leads me to believe their point would be easier to make with less worthy source material, but lets me respect them for not choosing the easy way out.

  • Agency: “We’ll Sue All Aki Toyosaki’s Stalkers!”:
    It would help if these people could enjoy anime without needing to know that the people making sounds are all virgins. I’m betting that objectively most of them even know it isn’t true for most, if not all, voice actors. I seriously don’t get that. Actors play virgins all the time and yet no one complains, but a voice actor does it and it ruins the character for these people.

  • So You Still Think 3D Is Better Than 2D?:
    I feel the same way. There are a few that here are better as 2D than 3D in this list, but if you take crappy source photos and then photoshop them they look way nicer too. Their argument hasn’t been made in any way or form.


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