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i would like to buy some animes too like durarara bakemonogatari or some other interesting animes i liked. But i never took the time wether the dvds have subs (they probably have) where to get, and how much it will cost, including the transportation fees which already scare me now x_x

But overall the access to Manga and Anime in Germany has increased over the past 1,5 years.
And it would be sad if that stops with all the “family friendly” stuff.
In some years the ero stuff will be accepted too i hope.

And if this bill will be passed there will probably be many companies which go to other countries then. or you get that from Korea or China thereafter

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  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    That idea is not that bad at all. It probably will improve the quality in some ways because the sales of the cheap fast produced animes with bad/boring characters decreases. BUT I GODDAMN WANT MY ERO HAREM FLAT/BIG CHEST SEX ANIME/MANGAS AND HENTAIS (with all those boring developed characters) TOO !!!!!! xD

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    Tokyo will just be the beginning. “See ? it works in Tokyo. We should try it here too.” “Oh look, so many creepy Otaku which bought there Ero stuff and those creepy merchandise products in those shops are not seen so often on the streets now. If we could pass it here too we will get rid of that problem too.”

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    About the last 1,5 years it became way easier to buy some interesting mangas in Germany in the bookshops (not just Bleach Soul Eater, Naruto, Fairy Tale, One Piece) but Anime is not that popular though, at least a bit harder to get if not ordered from Amazon or the like. But the overall majority in access and variety increased quite good. Even if it is just a minority subculture. And i too, do want to buy anime dvds from durarara, Bakemonogatari, Shiki in the next time and some other animes too …

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