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Um….it’s fantasy, ya know manga,anime,and games….I mean really….do they know that?

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  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    i like the thought but id also like to hear about less rape in middle school and suicides

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    every one needs to stand up and fight im sending a Letter of complaint and email to the DPJ and find others to to the same if any one does check there website for there address and email if the ban passes its pretty much the and for anime and manga as 80% of it has at least 1 type of crime in it so every one must chip in to try to stop it and dont say wait and see what happens first because if it does pass it will be harder to get rid of the ban.

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    are you blind?? Anon is saying “heil hitler” I’m not an idiot, I know what this symbol means. I’m yelling because Anon is using this symbol in a nazi context.

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    i wonder when sex became so taboo, sex feels good because it is something that has to be done to reproduce. i just dont get when boob and panty shots became bad, but decapitation war and death were ok to watch

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    my guess is he is refering to the ban when using that symbol think before you start yelling

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    I have not watched this anime yet but why not they just bang each other? The girl wants his dick and the dude probably won’t mind giving it to her…. well I will watch it soon and perhaps I will find out why. IF they had sex, it means there would be no plot. Am I right?

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    Is this Kirito’s new harem?

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    Loving Nadeshiko’s camel toe.

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    Jennifer Aniston recently and unmarried Alex Justin Theroux secretly married, but the wedding is too mysterious, and even mobile phones have been confiscated guests, thus we missed seeing Aniston’s wedding, and no wedding outflow, in order that fans and additional very well anxious.The results didn’t expect Aniston himself in face book, put a blonde woman wearing an extended dress in the back of the photo, also wrote You have my whole heart for my whole life.WeddingDress (You possess my entire …

  • Summer L**e S*X Blissfully Hot:
    and we’re all here to jack off so whatever haha


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