Comment on Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked by Anonymous:

Guys, I think that you got something wrong here.
You should not blame a country just because a crazy captain chose to ram a japanese boat. Individuals are individuals, crazy captain remains as a crazy captain. The government cannot prevent all kinds of stupid acts that boils up from extremism.

I demand shitstorm to captain’s mailbox.

Spectator from Sweden.


“China is like a spoiled conceited child. It sees something it wants and throws a tantrum if it doesn’t get it.”

“The chinese government consists solely of megalomaniac retards, that what’s wrong.”

“China also demands the blueprints of each product any company builds there and forces them to fully cooperate with a chinese business partner.”

“Well China troll, how about the rest of the world makes a law that it’s ok to destroy China. Would that be ok for you? You sure seem to think laws are some order from the heavens. *sighs*”

“No opinion, because most simply don’t know about it. The chinese fag government does a pretty good job of brainwashing the general populace.”

“The China of today is unable to make even 2000 weeks of history.”

“If the world turns into a huge China this planet is done for.”

“The chinese government consists solely of megalomaniac retards, that what’s wrong.”

“True to some extent, it’s the same in Russia as well. They all think they are big enough to do what they want and shit on the rest. China is just way more agressive.”

You’re no different from that old crazy captain at seeing everything from reasonable angle.

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  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    That’s restrictive as fuck, you brainwashed cunt. Not being able to speak out against a government and not being able to access media, is that your idea of freedom? I’ve been to Beijing, your country fucking sucks.

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    chinese are jealous of the japanese, thats all, the japanese are smarter after all

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    But noone would ever protest in China incase the government sent an army of freaking tanks at them for doing so…again.

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    But honestly if you could slay god and take his place then wouldn’t you?

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    >______________________> of course we forget that japan got nuked >_>” yes chinese people got raped and murdered for no reason which created alot of suffering and hate but japanese people also had a nuke drop….which one do you think is fair? Since you seem to be so powerful and mighty with your words why don’t you be the judge. You need to stop looking at people as tags with country names on them…and start seeing people as people.

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  • Junketsu no Maria Quite Heavenly:
    Are you really applying logic here? In a world where GOD, Cernunnos, Valkyries and who knows what else all exist at the same time? That alone is a dead giveaway that logic has no place here. Maria is all about her in the nude. And third episode failed so bad because they forgot to show her in all her virgin glory as they did before.

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    Do you actually understand what is going on in the world of fansubbing right now? “Very little” is the answer. Most of the subs are ripped from legitimate streaming sites, and these sites usually don’t have the OP/ED lyrics because that would increase the licensing costs as the rights to the songs are typically owned by record companies.

  • The Menagerie Trailer Anything But Dry:
    Mind telling what country that because I believe I might need to relocate. And you did mean 3 dollars not Euros right.

  • Junketsu no Maria Quite Heavenly:
    How come her power can be so easily taken away by Micheal? If GOD didn’t want her to have it she wouldn’t, right? And if HE doesn’t want witches to have that power, why do they exist in the first place, why doesn’t he take their power away just like that? And if the Heavens have a non interference policy, why do they try to force others to also follow their choice? Wouldn’t that imply Maria is using the powers of Heaven? WHAT IS GOING ON? Oh, I forgot, stupid plot for scantily clad girls to be …

  • Busty Pochaco Maid Figure:
    There is more to hug I guess…. warmer in the winter also.


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