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Sooner or later somebody’s gonna spank that brat’s ass really hard if it doesn’t let up on its childish ways…

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  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    You can blame the Allied Powers for not cleaning up properly during the Post-War period…

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    If the video is authentic and they went ahead with the riots then it’s like having them pour their very own shit over their heads and faces with that kind of attitude.

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    Lol, better watch from the side and see how does the PRC take this and if they can still feign innocence or what. I dunno, this whole issue is getting retarded by every minute, it’s just little pieces of land in the middle of the sea with untapped resources they’re squabbling about. Why can’t they just make use of what they have or get it somewhere else without making a fuss…

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