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I fail to see the wrongness in this song. It is composed and performed beautifully. The racist idiots at 2ch and Nico should really understand when something becomes world wide popular. The enjoyment must be shared world wide, by all races.

Do not shame the nation of japan with racial bigotry.. America sadly bears those stains and I’d rather not see Japan sullied by such stains.

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  • Racist Japanese Rage at Chinese Miku MAD:
    sousoueme8th, instead of foolishly running off your mouth, how about reading what was posted. It’s already known of the sullied past America has, to the point it’s common knowledge. And it’s not the video that’s on the plate, it’s the bigotry against the video frim the japanese of 2ch and Nico. America is already ruined by their racism, and what I am saying is I would rather NOT see Japan follow suit and ruin themselves with it.

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