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“This is cruel and unusual punishment. She put his hand on her boob while she was wearing a bra, now she’s getting life.”
ok, if a drunk 34 years old guy take his friend’s 13 years old daughter and force her hands in his body, it would be death sentense for sure. So, if she have done the crime, it doesn’t mater if she was drunk. It isn’t a unusual punishment at all.

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    Seeing that the scene taked 2 minutes of the 23,5 minutes episode, but 2/3 of the screenshots are from it….should i say “my little sankaku can’t be this sensationalist” or “yahari, sankaku wa machigaiteiru”?

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    more like Maheśvara :V

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    it’s strange….i remember that Sun Meilin is explicitely descripted as a good person. The chinese troops are descripted as militarys doing their jobs in times of war, in the same fashion as japan’s “jsdf” and usna’s “stars”. They are as merciless and underhanded as each other. Zhou, Saegusa Koichi,Yotsuba Maya, Raymond Sage Clark and Kudou Retsu can all be seen as people ploting behind the scenes…so it’s more like there more “evil” people in japan than in other places. Plus, in vol 11 it’s …

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    part of it is for scenes beeing cuted out/changed from the original (light novel). Saegusa, Erika and Mizuki intro were very different in the ln. You can read all the novels in “baka tsuki”


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