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Capcom: “Xbox Cuts Made Us Weep, Enjoy Buying DLC!”


Capcom has publically lamented having to cut large amounts of content from Lost Planet 2 in order to fit it onto the Xbox 360’s piddling DVD capacity without the game turning into a swapfest, but promises users will be able to buy everything they cut as DLC.

Speaking with rag Famitsu about the production of Lost Planet 2, now in the fine-tuning stages, producer Jun Takeuchi complains of the constraints imposed by Microsoft’s refusal to employ Blu-ray; in previous interviews he made much the same comments about Resident Evil 5, saying he would like to see a “complete” version on the PS3…

Did the development go well?

There weren’t any big problems. More troubling than any development problems was having to keep cutting out content.

We included a lot in this release, and by the end it became a battle with the disc capacity.

Truly, we were weeping as we were forced to cut stuff.

That stuff might be available as DLC in the future – look forward to it.

Buying content which Capcom couldn’t fit onto the Xbox 360’s DVD as DLC – certainly something to look forward to.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Why can’t they just make a dvd full of the cut, soon to be DLC, stuff for the sole purpose of downloading it onto the hard drive. So make a DLC DVD put everything on the harddrive put the game disk in and statrt playing without a swapfeast and waiting to buy the DLC.(just guessing that microsoft is going to make people pay for the cut contents.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Lost Odyssey came on 4 disks for the xbox360 if i remember correctly. Did anyone find that a problem? i didn’t!

    Besides have you seen how many people are in a games credits these days? that’s a lot of people all wanting a cut of each sale so its saddening to see gamers getting squeezed with these business models. 🙁

    • console wars are for poor people who can’t afford to buy multiple consoles. Being restricted to one console brings out certain envious feelings and to make there single console more tolerable they try and justify there purchase to make them selves feel better. Its really not that hard to work out. its nice to be able to play the games you want and to not have to compromise muahahahahahahaha

  • Agreed, the Xbox 360 should have had a built in HD-DVD drive, and cemented a place for the dying format to go. I mean Microsoft isn’t gonna licence BluRay from Sony, no chance in hell.

    Break out those old HD-DVD drives, and pack in a drive with a big game. Lets bring HD-DVD back from the dead!

    • I guess you never owned a Commodore, early Apple, or PC then eh? Even fairly recently before DVD drives were popular in PCs, we were swapping discs like mad just to get games installed… Remember the UT 2k4 CD set? Seven bloody discs.

  • You know… Microsoft should have kept the hd-dvd format alive as a proprietary game format for the 360 while leaving the drive itself backward compatible with video DVDs and older xbox game DVDs. Why didn’t they do this? Both the external drive and an internal drive model would have worked fine, but no.

  • wow xbox sucks. Im so glad people are finally starting to relize that this. xbox is holding ps3 developement back I dont want to have to buy DLC because it woulndt fit and I know that other devs have had this problem but didnt come out and say it like capcom did. I didnt really start getting pissed off with this until microsoft ruined Final Fantasy 13 by paying square alot of money to keeping it three discs on there crappy syestem in turn making square cut alot of the game that could of fit on one blu ray disc. I hate what xbox has done for gaming.

  • Capcom is playing harsh, ha? If they are not able to fit everything on one/multiple discs or something, then they shouldnt blame the 360…they could also bring the dlc for free.
    I mean, the 360 gamers (I’m not one of them,btw) are not forced to buy the game and still they are not “threatening”.

    Objective-view gamer

  • Halo 3 ODST managed to do this just fine. It’s not complex.

    Single Player stuff on one disc, Multiplayer stuff on the other. It saves the user from having to swap the disc unnecessarily.


    It’s not complex.

    • Or we just think “I’d prefer to swap discs than pay money to download the stuff”.

      Game graphics aren’t at the point where BluRay is an absolute necessity. The vast majority of games produced for the Xbox 360 fit on a single disc, which is proof that having the increased storage of the format isn’t yet necessary. Yes, it’d be nice if we could get our occasionally large game on one disc, but swapping discs is not, despite what Sony will tell you, a new problem which is absolutely terrible.

      We were swapping discs way back on the PS1 and Saturn. We still were with the Gamecube and PS2. We’re doing it now with the Xbox 360 and Wii. We’ll still be doing it next generation when Squaresoft and other companies decide to push the boundaries of the storage format for the games to make the next “Biggest Game Evar”.

      And really… It’s not like you have to swap the discs often on any system. How fucking lazy are you that having to actually get up off your couch and move once after a few hours of playing a game is an unforgivable offense? Don’t you occasionally get up to answer the phone, grab a beer, use the pisser, or anything else?

      I’ll take having to move once every six to eight hours for the occasional game to mandatory, 20 minute installations before I can even play for the occasional game. I mean, as problems go, Mandatory Installations are a much bigger, more pain-in-the-ass problem.

  • So, if you buy the PS3 version, you get the full game, but if you buy the 360 version, parts of the game will be missing, so does that mean the 360 version will be cheaper? I can’t see it to be honest, so this looks like it’s going to be a nice day at the office for Capcom (to make more money). I think most of Capcom’s games over the last few years have been poor to average, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a Capcom game (probably Onimusha 2 or Devil May Cry on the PS2). All the rumours about Micro$oft releasing a Blu-ray 360 is never going to happen as why would Micro$oft give it’s money to Sony? I’m still convinced that at some point, there’s going to be another format war as Blu-ray hasn’t really taken off, DVD is still the top format out there.

  • This is obviously bullshit to misdirect stupid and gullible consumers. There’s NO ‘CANT FIT’ in game consoles today when you have discs AND hard drive storage. There’s only ‘WONT FIT’ or more accurately ‘WANT MORE MONEY’.

    Capcom is an experienced developer who obviously knows how to break a game up to fit multiple discs, or to pipe content to the hard drive for later use during play. The ONLY reason to remove content in the 21st century is because you want to sell it separately.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Ohh, I don’t know… in order to have an excuse to sell us accessory, installable stuff that should be bundled alongside the game itself in the first place and milk us for all we’re worth, Capcom-style, maybe?

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Haha, Takeuchi is so full of shit!

    Just look at Forza Motorsport 3, Turn 10 stuffed a whole second disc worth of content to be installed in the console’s HDD and no one complained: they really got A+ treatment.

    Now, was there anything preventing Capcom from releasing Street Fighter IV as they’ll very soon rerelease it (“Super” SFIV)? Or Resident Evil 5 (the upcoming Gold Edition, crappily bundled in one disc with a download token instead of an “additional contents install” disc)? Or was there something preventing Bandai Namco from “unlocking” its system exclusive character in SoulCalibur IV from the get-go, and the only way to lift the lock was to stuff an additional US $5 into NBGI’s pockets?

    This is the con generation, period. Not that companies like Squeer (and especially Squeer Enix) haven’t conned their loyal fans before, but there was some kind nebulous excuse in the form of systems lacking mass storage. Nowadays, though… this is just some laughable swindle, like Nintendo’s reselling of GameCubes with a stupid, useless magic wand and at a premium.

    So yeah. Fucking lol.

  • Do they actually mention *buying* the DLC? I searched the link for 買 but got bored

    If it’s just a download then I don’t see the problem (other than that putting it on two discs would be better than having us download up to 9gb of extra stuff), but if they try and charge for stuff they took out just because the media can’t hold enough…

    They should just winrar everything, that’ll get it onto one disc easily. Winrar’s ace.

    Naturally, both versions will be the same price at retail. I’m glad I don’t like Lost Planet enough, otherwise I may be fuming!

  • Some video games are 10 hours long. I know I can manage the severe inconvenience of moving five feet to swap disks every 10 hours with the knowledge I only had to buy one game (not DLC, expacs, sequels). It might even be about time for a bathroom break while I’m at it.

  • Capcom DLC’s . Everyones remember they fameous DLCs to RE5 or SF4 :] . Everythins was on a disk . From this multiplayer mode in RE5 to new player skins in SF4 :] . I’ll be not surprised if the same happen in Lost Planet 2 xD .

    • No becouse all COD series was that short . Even the xbox360 with bluray wll not change anything becouse todays games got only one mission . To produce a lot money. From basic game and from dlc’s .

  • This is Capcom we’re talking about. You know, the guys that sell you “DLC” that is already on the disc. You know, like the SF4 outfits and that RE5 multiplayer mode. They were probably thanking MS for giving them an excuse to divide and resell content they already made.

  • I swear capcom you just lost a ton of respect from me. If you want to sell DLC fine, but to push blame on the media for “cutting content” is just sad.

    And to you guys whining about bluray discs, MS wanting money and all that… Fanboy says what?

  • Nothings holding them up to publish their game on two discs. It’s not like they came to work one day and said: “Ooops, I think we don’t have enough space for the rest of the game, let’s cut some stuff.”
    Why should they even bothering with cutting content afterwards? You have to plan in forward what you wanna do with your game. Oh well maybe their game designer just failed.

    In my opinion they did it on purpose so they can get extra money for their game.

  • This is a collision between multiple factors:

    * Console-makers want to be God, and do bad things to the equipment you paid for if you modify it — such as installing a larger hard drive.

    * Console-makers play God because they think that’s how they can best profit from the subsidized console/high-priced games marketing model they use.

    * To be attractive to consumers, consoles must:
    + Be no-configuration, Plug-and-Play;
    + Offer better graphics quality and speed than commercial arcade machines;
    + Have a decent library of games (whether that be brand-new titles, or older titles playable via some compatibility mode); and

    * Content size is ballooning (HD, longer play-time, etc.).

    * Game-makers want to keep their development costs down, so they sometimes do 2nd-quality “ports” of their existing titles to different consoles, without effectively exploiting the ported-to console’s architecture. (Management: “Re-use, don’t re-write. Take our existing code and hammer it into some shape that ‘works’ on the target console!” Devs: *grumble* *grumble* “Sir, yes, sir!”)

    * DLC is pure profit if the material has already been developed, i.e., “it doesn’t fit on a non-Blu-Ray disc.”)

    * DLC is a partial anti-piracy measure, until the pirates figure out how to copy the DLC from the hard disc of one HexBox360 or Pukestation/3 to the hard disc of another one.

    The result is console owners are currently getting completely boned, and will continue to do so, until next-gen consoles come out.

    Then, when console speed/graphics/storage capactity makes a quantum jump, users will be only partially-boned.

  • Bullshit. Capcom could easily pack the game with a second disk to install the content right on the 360 itself like some GOTY games do. It would take no more space than if they charged us to download it and it would only require you to swap disks once per console. This is just Capcom charging you extra for the game and trying to pass the blame to Microsoft.

  • Capcom? Yeah, I bet the capacity held them back so much… they’ll have to offer a bunch of 100k downloads so you can have all the game modes and costumes.

    Really, if games still did “sound test” modes, they’d find a way to sell that as DLC and claim it didn’t fit on the disc.

  • Do they truly want us to believe that BS? And even if it’s true, why not make a install dvd ala forza 3 ?
    But that’s not the point anyway, the only argument here is mo’money fo’ useless downloadable patchwork also known as unlockables in previous gen consoles.

  • AnnaKuramoto says:

    Capcom: Sorry but we can’t fit everything in, but you can get it through DLCs
    Customer: Ok, since the game is smaller then originally intended it’ll cost less then originally intended right?
    Capcom: No.
    Customer: What? but then yo- oh I see, you’ll charge the old price because the DLCs are free to get right?
    Capcom: No.
    Customer: . . . You drown puppies in your spare time don’t you?
    Capcom: Kittens have claws.

  • I wish they would do what FFXI did. That game was too big for the 360’s DVD and so you had to download some of the game. I think some PS3 games do this as well to some degree. It’s free too, it would work just fine.

    Free DLC because it couldn’t be included on the disk.

  • Or, y’know, we could start the forward trend to multi-disc games again. But here’s the thing: People these days get all pissy if they have to swap DVDs, because that means moving their fat arses off the couch. Yet there was a stage where people were overjoyed by multiple discs (and floppy disks too, further back).

    Final Fantasy VII came on… three, four? CDs, VIII came on four. Phantasmagoria, shit though it was, came on something like seven or eight disks!

    But why press an extra DVD when you can charge ridiculous prices for DLC, amirite?

  • TehBoringOne says:

    I’m tempted to go the Sony fagboy way and brag, but…

    This is no bragging matter…

    Especially not knowing if they cut it out of the PS3 version, since most likely, the PS3 build is a port.

  • I feel kinda sorry for my fellow gamers who choose the X360, this is all Microsofts fault for sticking with DVD and not going with a newer format, hell they could have used HD-DVD as a storage medium and it would have had 15-30 gigs per disk and not a max of 8.5 gigs for DVD. and what is up with SanCons story list system thing, it shows up in the Channel before on the main page?

    • Xbox not full HD?
      My god you fail so hard.
      The term Full HD makes absolutely no sense anyway, and is only used by Walmart, Tesco, Curries and other companies to pedal there wares to stupid consumer whores.
      Lrn 2 techmonolagy.
      You people make me feel ashamed to own a PS3

      There are 3 different ways I can think of that Capcom could have handled this.

      1. Forza3, ODST etc have 2 disk’s one for the game its self and the main missions, tracks and cars. And a second disk containing the extra content, like online multi player maps , etc.

      2. Bioware have an in game DLC portal in both Dragon age and ME2. With ME you received a one use activation code to down load all the content for free, and second hand owners need to activate it for 1200MSp
      Every one here make me ashamed to own a PS3.

      3. Lion-head studios developed a new method of compression for Fable2. Reducing textures and coding down to about 1% of the original file size letting them have Fable 2 on the one disk.

      So it’s not the 360s fault not every one is willing to let go of DLC sales and introduce new space saving technology.

    • Sony monopolized blu ray. Which is why the format will never boom as it could possibly be because nobody wants to fucking pay royalties every time they make a god damn game. Also why nobody including nintendo and microsoft will ever use it. Too bad too considering this is sony we’re talking about, and they’re infamous for fucking up format standardization. COUGH UMD COUGH

    • This is Capcom we’re talking about, not M$. It’s true that M$ will make a small profit from the DLC that Capcom sells, but I seriously doubt that M$ used the DVD format specifically for that ridiculous purpose (keep in mind that the 360 is a console that is 5 years old already).

        • @Anonymous 13:51, I wonder why ToV and SO4 came out better on the PS3? I doubt it could be because they had an extra year or so to work on them or the fact that they are just actually just ports of a finished product with some added content. The 360 is weaker than the PS3, but not by much, the ONLY thing showing its age is the DVD drive and that can be fixed by using multiple disks. But when companies can just cut the content and sell it later instead of selling it all in one go they decide to just ignore that little fact.

        • @Anonymous, person 2 boxes above Phantom, ToV and SO4 actually came out a lot better on the PS3 than the 360 versions, a reason to get excited, more content better graphics, more options, so, I don’t really get what the point your trying to make is, except for 360 failing, even though it is, going down, and is seriously starting to show its age, limitations, and restrictions.

        • The ONLY people that say the xbox is failing, are the clueless ps3 fanboys who have nothing else to whine about. You are the same types that bitched and moaned about how “shitty” ToV and SO4 were, and when you heard they were coming out on PS3, suddenly they were OMG SUCH GOOD RPGS. You are all a bunch of pathetic cry babies.

    • To be fair, Capcom made the game, though I don’t think Disc-swapping bothers people as much I they say it does.

      I myself feel like disc swapping is a decent way of measuring the game length. (Though, I mean more like Tales of Symphonia, which has most of the game on one disc then basically the wrap-up on another… not like Mass Effect 2 which I’m told is basically game on one disc with occasional switching to the other for CG cutscenes)

      • You heard wrong. In Mass Effect 2, the entire game was on one disc. Disc 2 was for Loyalty quests, which were the optional “I want ppl to survive this shit” disc. So you only ever swapped discs 2 times. Installing shit on PS3 and the slow ass disc read is worse than swapping. Nobody bitched about FF7 8 and 9 did they.

        • “…They got no installs, and hardly any load times” Bullshit KZ2 had a ridiculously loooong loading time at the start of every stage and when loading from the main menu. You have spent too much time in Multiplayer recently, which, understandably, doesn’t have this nuance.

        • Oh and another thing i dont get is why every one says that a bluray drive reads so slow. when i checked the specs of data transfer of a DVD drive to blu ray, blu ray was faster
          blu ray data transfer rate:36mbps
          DVD data transfer rate: 10mbps

        • Uncharted 1 took less than two years, and so did Uncharted 2 after it. Both Motorstorm games took less than two years each. Heavenly sword took less than two years, and if I remember right, it had no installs. Resistance 1 was a launch game and I don’t think it had installs, R2 took less than two years to make.
          Retachet and Clank series is knocking on the front door.

          Hey, this is more fun!

          Your argument is severly flowed. When uncharted 1 was done, they already have an engine going for uncharted 2, so it was faster to make a new game. Same goes with Resistance and Motorstorm. KZ2 was built from the ground up = result after 3 years of work. KZ3 will take much less time to be made.

          And you completely ignored this part:
          “People think it is so easy to put an extra disc. No, it is not that easy. They will have to pay more fees to MS as well as not going the easy/greedy way of DLC which considerably cuts into their profits.
          Like it or not, The 360 DVD’s format has been holding back many of the 3rd party games.”

          Forza is published by Microsoft, so no fees.
          Had you said MassEffect 2 it would have seemed a better example, but then Campcom were making budget cuts and other choices(Transfer Monster Hunter 3 development from the PS3 to the Wii, cheaper), so it was just a matter of time for them to find ways to be greedy like now.

        • Lets play a more fun game.

          WKC takes an install. Why? Who knows. It also loads like utter shit.

          The difference between a majority of PS3 games and the ones you listed… are the ones you listed took several /years/ of code optimization to make them capable of not requiring an install. Yes, literally years.

          Unless it’s a slow paced game, or the developers have spent so much time on simple code optimization that they could have produced a second game, the PS3 slow-as-ass disk load speed is horribly crippling.

          Sorry, you, I, and anyone with a brain knows they could have just as easily did a Forza and made a content disk or any such thing. Capcom chose to do it this way to make more money, and they needed an excuse. They used the easiest scapegoat. The 360, which no one in Japan cares about anyway.

        • KZ2, Uncharted 1 and 2, MAG, and effing more of a long list that I won’t waste my time making for you say ‘HI!’ They got no installs, and hardly any load times. It is more to how talented the developers are/how new is their development kit(e.g. MGS4 is great and all, but had installs/load times, but hey that was years ago.

          So 2007 is calling for you, they want you back.

          People think it is so easy to put an extra disc. No, it is not that easy. They will have to pay more fees to MS as well as not going the easy/greedy way of DLC which considerably cuts into their profits.
          Like it or not, The 360 DVD’s format has been holding back many of the 3rd party games.

          “But but but blu-ray isn’t needed”

    • Capcom I got a Question for you for lost planet 2.

      Can the xbox 360 install games on HDD?…

      Yes of course it can. Then your argument is complete pile of shit, you fucking lazy bastards.

      Your just making money off of Xbox360 owners. Thank you for making money out of us.

      • I don’t see how the xbox having a hard drive is going to magically let them fit everything on to the dvd.

        Although I reckon if they tried really hard and utilized some bleeding-edge compression technology they might be able to pull it off, at the expense of either on-the-fly decompression or forced installation. Or even dynamic texture generation techniques, like the demoscene uses. [asside: If you don’t know anything about this geek subculture, I’d suggest checking out for some pro stuff, or / for a more general picture.]

        Echelon managed some awesome shit back in the day, for their release of Skies of Arcadia they coded in on-the-fly decompression of game data so you could burn the game discs on to standard 700MB CD-Rs and just play it. (note: commercial Dreamcast discs could hold ~1GB)

        But all this aside, making the stuff available as DLC sounds reasonable, preferably as free DLC.

        • As 18:52 pointed out I meant this.

          Why put it as downloadable content when we can bloody install the game on to our harddrives like the PS3 why does the PS3 get the content which has to be installed on the HDD anyways see my point?

          Like in multiple discs game you can install it on the HDD and don’t have to switch discs and it seems like ALL OF SANKAKU COMPLEX JAPAN and everyone else not Western seem to be oblivious to the fact that Xbox 360 can install Games to the HDD not needing to change discs. Yet you have to install it on the PS3 anyways go figure.

          Sorry for sounding like an ass but it seems everyone’s forgetting basic things the console can do besides RROD.

        • I think what that other person was meant was that if the content that had to be LEFT OUT will become DLCs which you download and install onto your console, why not just put all that stuff on a second disc that would be included with the game so instead of paying/downloading the DLC, it’s already there for you to install anyway?