Comment on Kobe Anime Awards – K-ON!, Haruhi-chan, Eden of the East by Hellmen:

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The award was “cut short”, if you know what I mean.

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  • Hatsune Miku Takes Over New Chitose Airport:
    Goddammit I wanna take pictures of that statue so bad ;_;

  • Top 10 Anime Girls You Want To Spend Christmas Eve With:
    I fancy Yuno from Hidamari Sketch more than Popura, but I suppose having the same seiyuu meant I wouldn’t have any problems readjusting…

  • Polygon Maiden Evolution:
    With newer mods and the latest tweaks, 3D Custom Girl can be on par with later game releases. Regardless of its dated feel, the large modding community as well as the active number of mods released almost daily could keep the game alive for years to come.

  • Homura Akemi Doll:
    After Homura’s ‘hat’ incident, I got a feeling that Azone-compatible striped pink pantsu will be sold out everywhere after the release of this doll.

  • Kiss×sis Nude Examination OVA:
    For some reason, it’s more pleasurable to watch the screencaps than the anime itself. Maybe it’s just my viewing preference, I dunno.


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