Animation Kobe, an event created by the Kobe city for the promotion of animation (moderately Engrish introduction site here) has identified the winners of its 14th Annual Animation Kobe awards on its website.

Among the award winners are such anime as Eden of the East, Haruhi-chan and K-ON!, winning the TV, Network and Theme Song categories respectively.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2009 20:40

    Eve in Wall-E IS Moe. Fukken fixed!... More

  • DeviantDiscordian commented on September 6, 2009 15:54

    I happen to like Rebuild of Eva. If you disagree then that is your opinion.... More

Production IG Challenges Hollywood with CG Kiddy Anime


Production IG and Fuji TV are said to be laying down the gauntlet to Hollywood, with their just announced CG film collaboration, provisionally titled ホッタラケの島 / Hottarake no Shima, set to be a family friendly fantasy tale of a girl mixed up with a mysterious world. Most original.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 10, 2009 09:24

    uh... most japanese animated features actually have really good storytelling.... More

  • G4tsu commented on October 5, 2008 19:58

    We want a new ghost in the shell season!!!!!!!!!!!... More


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