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70% of Schoolgirls Rape Victims


Some 70% of Japanese girls are victims of sexual assault by the time they reach 18, it is claimed.

The ludicrous claims, made by a feminist speaker addressing a local symposium looking to tackle the odious problem of domestic violence, and subsequently reproduced in notorious rag Mainichi, are as incredible as they are misandristic:

“Close to 70% of women are victims of sexual assault before they reach the age of 18, with chikan raping and indecently assaulting them, along with other sexual crimes, en masse. The culture doesn’t take the female gender seriously.”

Men like to prey on innocent young girls, she tacitly asserts: “Young children are not very suspicious of people. Adults must protect them, as they can easily be scarred for life.”

She then went on to accuse men of being incestuous brutes: “There are many cases where fathers and stepfathers victimise their own children.”

She presents no evidence or sources to support these claims, and they fly in the face of statistics compiled by the Japanese government, the UN and independent research groups, to say nothing of common sense; even in the likes of the UK, Canada or Sweden such levels of sexual violence are ridiculous.

As a wag on 2ch puts it, the remainder who haven’t been outraged by wicked males must be the 10% who are too ugly and the 20% who are hikikomori…

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