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Cosmic Shock League Stimulating More Than Just the Mind

Lovers of match-3 games may take interest in “Cosmic Shock League“, one of the newest titles to grace Nutaku that combines fast-paced match-3 action with card battles, the investing gameplay possibly making players forget all about the invigorating sex that is also present.

Players are let loose into an interstellar battleground as they challenge rivals (as well as real opponents from all over the world) in compelling match-3 battles, recruiting the aid of buxom beauties along the way and unleashing their power to wreak havoc and secure the win.

Assuming the role of a formidable champion of the 21st century awoken from his millennia-spanning cryogenic slumber, players must build up a group of strong seductive women to help them crush their adversaries in real-time match-3 combat.

Matching 3 tiles of the same color will lower the opponent’s life points, but players can also charge up the abilities of their selected maidens, allowing them to provide devastating attacks and increase their chances of achieving victory.

Unlocking chests will reward players with points, upgrades, items and other trinkets to help their girls grow in strength and reign over the weak individuals who would dare challenge them.

The trailer:

Free-to-play title Cosmic Shock League and its 320+ campaign levels can be played for free now courtesy of Nutaku.

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