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Golden Kamuy 3D CG Simply Unbearable

The debut episode of Golden Kamuy has proven popular for all the wrong reasons as the online masses criticized the series for the laughably bad CG used to depict a bear, stirring up so much controversy that it even garnered a response from the anime’s director.

The agonizingly poor CG bear, which may even be worse than the art and animation of Berserk 2016:

In comparison to the manga, the bears are highly detailed to the point that they stand out from all the other art (and certainly resemble a stock asset lifted from somewhere…):

Some of the criticism and memes online that the anime has suffered:

So overblown was the internet’s reaction that the anime’s director, Hitoshi Nanba, had to issue a statement to quell the masses, claiming that the CGI was used to give the bears a different “presence” and because mimicking the art of the manga was just too taxing:

The episode:


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