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Japanese Artist: “Having Huge Boobs is Suffering!”

Tokyo-based illustrator xxNishizawa has given her Twitter followers a dose of reality by showing them the terrifying truth about life with gigantic oppai.

According to the artist, there are nine main problems with having large breasts, although one of the items on her list seems like it would actually be a plus.

Your breasts sit on tables!

It’s embarrassing when the waitress takes your order and they’re just lying there.

People grope you!

Perhaps as an example of life imitating anime, even women can’t stop themselves from grabbing big, bouncing boobs.

You can’t run!

Running without a proper sports bra can do untold damage to the Coopers Ligaments. Further information on the horrific condition known as “jogger’s breast” can be found here.

Dresses make you look fat!

It seems that Japanese dressmakers, perhaps used to dealing with flat-chested women, are unable to make flattering dresses for the well-endowed; instead, the dresses make these unfortunate women look fat.

It’s impossible to find bras!

Well-endowed women appear to be doubly short-changed by Japanese clothes manufacturers: bras in larger sizes either do not exist, or are far more expensive than more modestly-sized ones.

They hurt your shoulders!

The artists gives the example of breasts that weigh one kilo each, causing pain and suffering to the unfortunate women who have to carry them around all day.

People stare!

Readers will no doubt be shocked to find out that many people stare at large breasts, making conversations awkward and uncomfortable.

Shirts don’t fit!

Shirts designed for flatter chests can gape at the front, as the buttons struggle to keep the shirt’s contents under wraps.

You can put things on them!

This appears to be a benefit rather than a disadvantage. Large breasts can be used to hold important items such as laundry and juice packs, leaving the owner’s hands free for more important tasks.

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