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NHK “So Sorry About Hitler Shirt!”


Japanese broadcaster NHK have apologized for the “offensive” shirt worn by ex-con guest during their “Afternoon Live” talk show, with the culprit being none other than Livedoor founder Takafumi Horie, wearing a shirt depicting Hitler saying “no war”.

Horie’s shirt prompted numerous complaints and caused the show’s co-host to apologize during the program; responding to the flood of inquiries via Twitter, Horie stated that he was shocked by the chaos his shirt had sewn and that it was meant to be an “anti-war message”:

I have worn a shirt showing Hitler making a peace sign with the words ‘NO WAR’ a number of times, but this is the first time (my wearing this kind of shirt) went viral.

Whichever way you look at it, wishing for peace is the only message you can see from this T-shirt.

The offensive shirt:





This has not been the first instance that Hitler/Nazi based outfits have caused controversy in Japan, as even idol groups have been accused of supporting such “embodiments of evil”…

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