Teen Steals Razor Blades “I Needed Money For Idol Goods”


One rather young and devoted idol otaku has been arrested for pilfering razor blade refills, which the criminal has admitted to stealing so that he could resell them for money to buy precious idol goods – and perhaps demonstrating that even innocent youths are not safe from the corrupting influence of idols.

The 17-year-old (residing in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward) was accused of pilfering over 34 boxes of razor blades from 4 different stores totaling about ¥100,000, admitting to police that he “needed money to buy goods at idol group events” – the notion of getting a job seeming to be out of the question.

The boy’s friend apparently bought 10 boxes of razor refills for ¥10,000, with the underhanded profession seeming to be relatively profitable; an inspection of the youth’s home by police revealed him to be in possession of over 80 boxes of razor blades.


Police are currently investigating whether he may face any further charges…

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