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Anime Song Streaming Service ANiUTa Emerges


Otaku obsessed with listening to famous anime songs, Vocaloid or celebrated scores from noteworthy video games may perhaps appreciate the convenience provided by the recently unveiled ANiUTa, a streaming service that allows users to easily listen to the aforementioned music all in one place without having to rummage through streaming services or YouTube.

ANiUTa is billed as the “world’s first anime song streaming service”, with over 30 Japanese production companies and record labels announcing their cooperation with it to bring “over 50,000” songs (far below most other streaming services but hopefully making up for that with niche titles not available elsewhere) together in one handy package for unlimited listening.

A PV has been released featuring some of the songs that will be available via the service:

The service is available in Japan now for Android and iOS at ¥600 a month, whilst an overseas version is scheduled for release sometime near the end of the year.

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