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Kyoto Crime Detection System “Criminals Beware”


Kyoto police have begun utilizing the “Predictive Crime Defense System” to predict where crimes may potentially occur, an innovative new technology that has caused anime enthusiasts to immediately draw comparisons to the Sibyl system from the esteemed Psycho-Pass.

Police can apparently input a type of crime into the system and it will then inform them of areas that have had the highest amount of crimes of the aforementioned type by way of color-coding, allowing law enforcers to hopefully stay one step ahead of evil criminals in the crime ridden slums of Kyoto – should this information somehow not be leaked or the crims decide to choose a less common area to commit their heinous deeds.

The idea was inspired by a similar project that was being used in California’s Santa Cruz for several years, leading to a 20 percent reduction in crime since its implementation and demonstrating that the rather basic idea can prove effective in the long run.

Naturally there are concerns over how far this system might plan to go in the future, with some mentioning the moral issues present in Psycho-Pass as a comparison; false arrests have also become a concern as police may have the authority to arrest individuals in the possession of certain items believing that they may potentially commit a crime.

Hopefully such problems will be ironed out soon as the system is apparently going to roll out across the nation sometime soon – although somehow the prospect of police actually rolling up to yakuza HQs seems an unlikely one…

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