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Upskirtist Makes “Daring” Escape


Police are currently on the hunt for a man who was caught stealthily (though clearly not stealthily enough) filming up the skirts of female train passengers, with the dastardly criminal managing to escape the clutches of the railway workers who apprehended him by excusing himself to the restroom.

The suspect, identified as a male in his fifties, was noticed to have been “behaving suspiciously” by an onlooking female passenger, who deftly recruited the muscle of a nearby male passenger to restrain him and hand him over to railway staff at Nagareyama Central Park Station.

Obviously having no desire to be arrested and face summary justice, the low angle shooter made his great escape by stating that he was “going to use the restroom” before simply walking out of the room and boarding a nearby train (with many under the assumption that the staff present were too preoccupied with calling the police) – with the railway staff’s incompetence being compared online to that of the police.

Surveillance camera footage is being utilized to help track down the accused, although with no cameras on trains (strangely enough, considering the frequency of alleged criminality on them) he need only have bounced from train to train a few times to have become all but untraceable in the anonymous embrace of the Kanto crowds.

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