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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Works The Pole




Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has recapped its myriad of sexy features with its newest trailer, additionally giving an incredibly brief PV of its lusty pole-dancing present; bound to give any amorous male incentive toward purchasing the title, if the gratuitous amounts of breasts and bikinis were not already enticing enough.

The luxurious trailer:

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 can provide a glorious view on March 24th for the Vita and PS4, with the English-subtitled Asian version still an option for westerners.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Equal for the fault of the bitches feminist and the 0 “balls” of tecmo koei to say “fuck you feminist” we lose a fapbolous pc version who sure have lots of mods from loverslab modders…..crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is “Sexy Beach Premium Resort” for PS4 and XBone. The only differences I see are:
    1. No Actual Nudity.
    2. No Actual Sex… (Fair since SBPR Sex Scenes are underdeveloped.– Artificial Academy 2 had better as a 2D game.)
    3. No Custom Character Builder.

  • Disapproving Eldar SJW says:

    So for them wondering, like I was, why the DoAX3 roster is really heavy on the boring it turns out that there was a fan poll conducted by the number of purchases of character themes per character.

    In Japan only.

    You’ll notice that the entire first 8 of 9 slots are the Japanese characters and that #9 is Helena who squeaked in with .2% of the votes over Lei Fang.

    So while there are various social taboos being challenged that involve things like disapproving of wanting to fuck children (Marie Rose) and the “developmentally challenged” (Honoka) for me the disinterest in DoAX3 peaks with Marie Rose.

    Fuck you pedos, seriously.

    No it’s that there is no Rachel, no Lei Fang, no Mila and no Christie.

    Honoka is the essential DoA masterwork of bad design (really huge tits because “lol sōshoku danshi always have more waifu $”, personality is as passive as a rock, “mystery” fighting style -she’s Raidou’s other daughter, right?- no actual place in the plot, incredibly uncreative), Momiji is bland, Kasumi is boring, Kokoro is bland AND boring, and Nyotengu has to walk everywhere*.

    Also fuck you pedos, omg. Marie-Rose is your fucking fault, and I will never stop hating you^.

    So that’s how it shakes out and why. DoAX3 is disappointingly single-market-fan-centric in an industry already struggling to reach out beyond the usual consumer niche and into booming overseas markets like the Middle East and Latin America.

    Good job with the fail, imbeciles.

    *from a technical execution standpoint this actually is forgivable. Having to implement things like water interaction effects and ALL the fucking clipping issues for her wings would just be a titanic misuse money and effort for a single character.

    ^’til I stop caring about it because personally Lucky Chloe is more obnoxious. Wtf, Harada? You dig her out of a Tecmo-Koei design team’s dumpster? I used to expect more from Tekken -my fucking error, idiots. >.>