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  • Bravely Second is a traditional turn based FF in all but name. It’s not like this game is taking away from that. I don’t see what anyone could have to complain about, at least concerning the 3ds.

  • I understand the part where FF VII remake being an action RPG can be taken negatively, but why this one..? It was marketed as one from the start and does not have a turn-based past title. “Nostalgic fans of turn-based RPGs” do not even enter the equation here at all, it was just a gratuituous statement to try and knit-pick something negative out of the context at the lack of an actual negative observation.

    What was the saying for these situations now..? Oh, yes, “beating the dead horse”. Stop beating the dead horse. It is dead. It will not move. Just let it rot. It is a marketing fact most people prefer action-based RPGs today anyway, for better or worse. Go ask a few people outside this site.