Girls Und Panzer Film CMs Grapple With Masahiro Chono




An onslaught of odd CMs have surfaced for the recently arrived Girls Und Panzer movie starring pro-wrestling champion Masahiro Chono, naturally instilling bewilderment as to what relevance a pro-wrestler has to an anime concerning itself almost exclusively with schoolgirls and tanks.

It has been divulged however that the wrestler recently sang “Chojyusenshakyu Oujya Mouse” for the “TANSON: Tank Song Mini Album”, which features songs about the formidable tanks used in the Girls und Panzer series, proving that his appearance has at least some relevancy.

A compilation of Masahiro Chono’s CMs:

Chojyusenshakyu Oujya Mouse:

The Girls Und Panzer movie is showing in theaters now.

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