Steins;Gate Zero Anime Glimpsed on TV




An official TV CM for Steins;Gate Zero has shown off the animated forms of its classic characters, giving potential players a glimpse of both what is in store for the visual novel and the upcoming anime adaptation as well – with many hoping that the game will live up to the quality of its predecessor.

The musically intriguing TV CM:

Steins;Gate Zero will be available November 19th for PS4, PS3 and the Vita.

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    • There are two things to do. Immediately. Eventually. Those words are the same now.

      #1: Prevent X.

      #1 is impossible, X is not preventable. Event X is where the “first” time traveler will revert your acquisition.

      This implies I could remove “first” from that sentence.

      If you have reached acquisition at all, #1 is redundant and “already done”, go to #2.

      #2: Prevent all Y

      Each Y event is where time travel is* discovered/acquired. You will need to block each. You already have, if you’re “still” the time traveler.

      *already was, already will be. Written words are chronological. In 4D context, everything has already happened. There is no decision-making or response, because the final outcome is already in place. Yet you have yet to act out the steps.

      Observe that you don’t need to (can’t) perform #1 “before” an existing rival. If you reached acquisition, s/he never performed/will perform #2.

      All this only applies to a single-timeline context, not an infinite worlds (parallel lines, 5D) context, as in SteinsGate. Simply jump to the universe where everything happened/will happen as you desire. You don’t have to do anything else.

        • Guy with no friends creates a lab and pretends to be a mad scientist with his adopted persona and makes a few friends. While there, they discover some dodgy shit going about with CERN and their experiments, they mess about with their “time machine” sending messages through time. Once Okabe realizes he has fucked up majorly, he tries to undo his mistake but by doing so, the girl who totally likes him but has been friendzoned is fated to die. When Kurisu tells him to undo the message that essentially saved her life so he can save Mayuris life, he does so.

          Now that he’s all emo and shit at this point, a girl who is also his best friends daughter from the future goes back in time again to tell him to save Kurisu with his time machine, by doing this he fails the first time and receives a video d-mail by his future self telling him not to give up etc. Long story short he saves Kurisu, goes back to his time and finds she doesn’t remember him. However she feels something for him, like hes a familiar person(And tbh they did have a budding romance prior to the shit hitting the fan).

          Kurisu goes back to the United States, he follows her to attend some expo. She starts to remember bits and pieces, and they become a couple.